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Verizon Wireless users only....

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Okay folks, this is only for US based Verizon Wireless users, past or present.


Looking for anecdotal comments on your service with Verizon Wireless, past or present.


Not looking for second or third hand information...your personal experience only.


Not looking for links to official or unofficial reviews or comments, I can find that stuff on my own.


Not looking for comments for users from other countries...US based only.


Not looking for equipment comments, just the service (coverage, customer, pricing).


Not looking for other users that have never used Verizon...read the thread title.


Don't bother posting if you can't provide the information.


If you do post, please provide when you used them, and specific reasons why you liked or disliked the service you got.



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My parents and sister all use Verizon Wireless since 2002. I personally have a Casio G'Zone Boulder v2/3 and have little to no problems, my parents usually handle the finances as my sister and I are still covered in the family package.


The only time I had problems was the January Blizzard that damaged over the local cell tower and when I was out in the middle of the ocean on a Cruse ship (dur). Reception is by far the best that I know of with very few dead zones (mountains mainly). I have little information on the internet or browser stuff, as I just mainly use my phone for calling home, texting, and emergency contact phone for the National Guard. I also never seen my phone go into roaming unless you were out in the middle of the desert.


They have a broad range of phones as you would expect with a major phone carrier and usually carry the better brands (with the exception of Apple I believe, but I won't touch an iPhone with a 10ft stick).


You are allowed to upgrade your cellphone at discount at the end of your two year contract. Verizon Wireless is known for there higher prices and military discount is kind of funky (very different than other cell providers).


Customer Service is pretty good. When my parents struggled with some payments, they understood and gave some leeway until they caught back up on the payments (you just have to communicate with them).


Would I recommend them? Yes, I have used my phone all across the US with no problems (Washington, DC, Chicago, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, on and on.). I have not been able to test Verizon overseas. The only downside is they are pricer than say Sprint Nextel or Altell.



Good Coverage

Broad Range of Products





One recommendation, depending on how active you are and not worried about rapid texting, is to buy a rugged phone such as the G'Zone Rock. They are more expensive, but they are guaranteed to last.

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They have good coverage.


They have a large selection of phones, and the only people that offer the touchscreen blackberry.


Umm, thats all the nice things I can say about them. My whole family has had them since around ~2000 and as soon as the contract is up, we plan on dumping them.


They sell you phones with X,Y and Z capabilities, but lock them so you can't use them. ie taking pictures and transferring them to your PC with the right connectors, but NO you have to use their service and pay per picture when it could have been done free directly to your PC. They map out the accessing the internet button so that you can easily accidentally hit it, and when you cancel before you actually connect, they still charge you the initial connection fee (I think its like $2.00)


Their customer service doesn't listen, changing anything with an account requires the person it's named under plus a complete joint secret service, FBI and CIA background check in order to change things. Yes they require that much verification information for even tiny changes, like disabling text messages on 1 phone. AND THEN THEY DON'T DO WHAT YOU ASKED.

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Like all of them, it depends where you're going to be using it. I've found within my own county coverage varies wildly between carriers (Sprint is good in the north, sucks in the south, etc). If you're going to be using it nationally...who knows?

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