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  1. Biggest Mistakes of WW2

    Well, that advice from the election kind of assumes one's parents could actually lend their kid 20 grand. If he just said, try to start your own business, that would have been great advice, instead it came off as out of touch. One thing to take into account in WW2 with the soviet union is they had a nonaggression pact with hitler, and had actually collaborated against Poland. It was entirely conceivable that the allies might end up fighting both the soviets and the nazis. To that effect, we assisted Finland against the soviets early on, which kind of throws out Snailmans idea that Roosevelt had any love of the soviets. Also, regarding the profiting aspect of war, Roosevelt outright said he didn't want anyone to get rich from the war. A whole other angle is the R&D aspect and technological advances made. At the start of the war, the Japanese and Germans had serious advantages, it was probably inconceivable that the allies could catch up and pass them as they did. The Zero outclassed anything we had in speed, maneuverability and firepower. We practically had no tanks at the start either and the Germans had a huge advantage there over all the allies.
  2. Another wonderful surprise, thank you TK!
  3. Here's hoping we'll see higher detailed versions in an SF2 release.
  4. I don't know whether to laugh or facepalm like grviper. Anyway, I read that the older brother got kicked out of a mosque. Damn! that's like being kicked out of a mental hospital for being too crazy.
  5. Starting a new gig soon

    Congrats! And that's about all I can say without starting a political argument
  6. Irans new Fighter - Qaher 313

    Just saw this today and how the image of it flying was photoshopped. Also you can see that in the 'cockpit' shot, there's practically nothing under the panels. Oh and the Lego picture is absolutely the best, but lets try to not be too mean to the Iranians, they're trying. We should at least give them a big golden star sticker to put on their toy airplane for effort. We wouldn't want to hurt their self-esteem now would we?
  7. I too can't say I'm terribly surprised. But I don't think the basic formula is all that bad. And it's still going to be a very long time until DCS catches up in terms of maps and planes. Hell CFS3 is still chugging along, and it doesn't even have real carriers and different terrain requires a whole seperate install.
  8. I was looking at Thirdwire's Facebook page and noticed an answer from TK to someone's question: Now we know there's going to be an Exp3 and DLC planes, but does this mean that he's getting out of flight sims, or PC games?
  9. OT: STALKER 2 Cancelled

    Well it certainly sounds interesting. The freeplay and coop modes sound like they'll be what people gravitate towards. And a persistent world might be better than session based for a kind of open ended survival FPS. Think eve online, but on earth. Still, there's just something about single player survival games that can't quite be duplicated in multiplayer.
  10. The Balkans/Southern Europe and the mediterranean would be phenomenal. Aside from cold war stuff, it'd be great for Allied Force and WW2.

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