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NEW ATI 10.4 drivers

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Guest Raden

These are newer. Only, they aren't certified.


I have been considering to buy, near future, new HP, ACER or Sonny VIAO or LENOVO with a max of 1MB stanealone graphic card, execpt the ACER all others are with NVIDIA Graphics (ACER usies ATI still, which, according to our friend Wrench last time, ATI is less desirable. So, I shall pick the ones with NVIDIA instead. All are loaded with the WIN 7 Home (complete version) be they 32 or 64bit system with DDR3 Memory/SDRAM/RAM like that.



Anyway, thanks for the ATI link.


Kindly have a look at www.bhineke.com, lots of choices just to chech specs and pricing of not only Notebooks, but also desktop PC and other gadgets.....


Shipping costs to States will definitely turn u and others in the States off. Buy same things in the US instead.


Thanks mate...:))


BTW, please inform me  of those members/senor modders who have been using such notebooks using AMD. A guy at the computer store I visited last time said not to buy any notebooks.laptops with AMD.


I do not think he understand some of the benefits of notebooks using AMD. Thanks for ur inputs.


Oh yes, AMD tends to heat up, yet, there a lots of available fans for laptops. A guy, a local Chinese-Indonesian here got a samart idea for gis very strong desktop v heats. He install some 2 meter long transparant small tube connected in such a way to his airconditioning on the wall nearby, and flood the desktop with real cool air......

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