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  1. Stunning website Olham, Thank you
  2. Wow, Pol she is stunning. Great work to you and the team. I can't wait for the release. Hours in the cockpit hunting Crumpets flying DID campaign. Ps. The DR1 looks like the DR1 from ROF.... O' sorry no it looks better. Salute.
  3. Jason is a fool... He kicked himself in the nuts with this one.
  4. The AMD 7970 is a PCIe 3.0 ready. Twice as fast as PCIe 2.0. So if you want the correct MB for the graphics card you should look at the Asus extreme IV. Salute.
  5. Imagine

    Brilliant my friend, just brilliant. Salute
  6. Looks like the German pilot tried to camo the plane before he attacked the enemy.
  7. OT: 2012 Is The Year I Do It

    Good Luck. Make it work.
  8. Merry Christmas

    To all that love OFF, Merry Christmas, May you all be loved and blessed by those closest to you. May we talk (OFF) WW1 aviation for many years to come. Maurice Robertson South Africa
  9. Does P4 get it's own name?

    OFF 2 "over deadmans land"
  10. OFF 2 is going to be bigger than SKYRIM.......
  11. best news ever. OFF 2. Lekker lekker. m

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