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Pfalz D.XII 9-Pack

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Pfalz D.XII 9-Pack

These skins are as accurate as I know how to make them.


They are generic skins with a general Jasta marking.


I've only come up with 9 skins. I know Jasta 5 also had some D.XII's but I've not yet found a photo or rendering of the type.

If anyone has any info on a D.XII of Jasta 5 please fill me in.



1. Pfalz Camo 1 - Brown, light green, and green fuselage.


2. Pfalz Camo 2 - Purple, Green, light green, and grey fuselage.


3. Jasta17 - Blue-grey nose, wheels and tail with white cowling.


4. Jasta23b - Purple, green, light green, and grey fuselage with black and white tail section.


5. Jasta32b - Purple, green, light green and grey fuselage with black



6. Jasta35b - Brown, green, light green fuselage with a white chevron on upper wings.


7. Jasta43 - Grey fuselage with white tail and nose.


8. Jasta49 - Grey fuselage with red stabilizers and wheels.


9. Jasta77b - Grey fuselage with blue nose, tail, and wheels.



All wing surfaces are covered in 4-color printed fabric.




Enjoy, quack74


Edit: Jasta77b is now a more Bavarian Blue.


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Hi, will these workf=k for FE 2?


All my skins work for FE2. As far as where to put them I'm not sure. I'm not using FE2 just yet. But just ask in the forums and someone will let you know.

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