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New Pfalz D.III, D.IIIa, and D.XII skins available

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FYI, I just posted a whole bunch of Pfalz skins in the download section.


5 D.III's, 25 D.IIIa's and 9 D.XII's.


I didnt include any good pics of them. Too many.


Have fun.


Not to toot my own horn but the Jasta 4 D.III and D.IIIa came out very nice.


Oh, and 1 AlbatrosD.V of Kest 8w to go along with the Pfalz D.IIIa of Kest 8w

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Blimey Quack...dont you ever sleep?



Lol! Skinning is the only thing I do for myself these days. I'm home watching my 21mo old daughter for the last several months now. I skin while she plays behind me. I only have to stop to feed hergrin.gif . Actually it's addicting. I've been redoing some old skins of mine. When ever I learn a new techniqe with Phtoshp I have to redo my old stuff. It's a sickness I tell ya. I wish I could delete the old skins. Well I guess I could just edit the old downloads. But then nobody would know what is new. Hmmm, am I thinking out loud again?

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