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Tweaked "TAIL.tga" files for FE2

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I've noticed that the late style German crosses seem to wash out the rudders and vertical Stabilizers. I was told that some people had to rename the "FilenameFormat=TAIL" to "FilenameFormat=INSIGNIA" in German aircrafts' skin folders Decal.ini files. This works but would take forever if you had to do this for every skin in every aircraft folder.


So I just copied the "INSIGNIA.tga's" and renamed them Tail004, TAIL019, TAIL020,etc,etc. And placed them right into the main Decal folder.

This way the game will see these new "TAIL" decals first and place them on any aircraft that uses the "FilenameFormat=TAIL" decal.


Instructions are in the Readme file inside......Hope it's not just me that sees this problemblink.gif. Fly a Pfalz D.IIIa in the summer of 1918. Look at the rudder.



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SORRY guys. The above download had 20 .tga's in it. I only meant to put 3. The dowload in the first thread has been updated.

For those of you that already installed the 20 .tga's into your "Decal" folder, delete all of them except for TAIL004, TAIL019, and TAIL020. These are the German Insignias.

The original download would have given you Roundels on the rudders and vertical stabilizers.

Woops, sorry about that.

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