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Guest rscsjsuso5

Victory Day Parade Moscow 2010

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Guest rscsjsuso5

- part 1


- part 2


Thank you allies and thank you Russia for helping china defeat japanese aggression and thank you USA for standing tall and fighting japanese aggression on the other side of the pacific. I can clearly remember the horrible incident in pearl harbor and i can also remember the nanking massacre by japanese troops. it is the courage and bravery of allied forces from all over the world that defeated nazism and the old imperial japanese forces. thank you very much and xie xie ne (chinese for thank you). :salute:


remember if you link the video and want a copy you will need

1. clipnabber

2. get java

3. use vlc media player

4. enjoy it as it is copyright free in sense of news and specials

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Here's to all the troops who are still on the soil they defended or died to gain freedom for those unable to fight... :salute:


May they know that in their rest they are at peace... :salute:


And to the troops who came home may they never be dishonoured for their sacrifice was too great for that... :salute:


Also on the Russian Victory Parade it was good to see the Allies there...

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