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Free MechWarrior 4 available online

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I have this installed and running on two Win 7 64-bit PCs. Works great. Played multiplayer online and via LAN too. Comes with mission editor. Has updates beyond original Microsoft box game. Whatever complaints there may be about MechWarrior 4, it is free and runs great :)

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I was heavily into MW4 some years ago and still fire it up every once in a while. I was also a regular at Mektek. If i was able to get past my wireless bridge (Ruckus MM2211)i would be dropping every day.


Light mechs were my thing (charter member of The Light Brigade) but i fought in all weight classes depending on the map and situation.


If you would like some loadouts, PM me. I had a few that really ripped back in the day.

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Thanks Streak

Say you looking for any lance mates?

More than happy to ditch my f-8 to runn around in a mech.

Sold of all my mini's and tons of other table top stuff last year, in order to rebuild my pc after the psu failer took out the mobbo .

Let me know were and when.

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