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Russian Aircraft for F.E. Gold?

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Hi there Guys,


I was also looking recently at some Russian Aircraft of WW1 and there are quite a few possibilities and more info on them available on the Net..some potential Candidates could be...


An Anatra DS Recon Aircraft

An Anadwa VKh Light Bomber

A Mosca MB 2bis Fighter (monoplane 1916)

A Sikorsky Mourometz (4 Engined Heavy Bomber, the worlds First, 1914)

A Sikorsky S-16 Fighter

A Voisin Ivanov fighter


A Desert Terrain, for those Lawrence of Arabia type scenarios!!! An Italian/Austrian Front Terrain, A Somme Terrain,Ypres Terrain,Mons Terrain, Paschendale Terrain, a Russian Front Terrain, Flying over Tannenberg anyone? Hee Hee..any of these Terrains would be a great help to overall immersion in F.E.


Some more early War Aircraft,Ive seen the post about the Voisin but I was thinking of a Taube, a Bleriot X1, and perhaps a Caudron? (if not, and i have no modelling Skill myself!..does anyone fancy a new project?) I love the F.E. Community and know just how talented some of you guys are with FMs..


Other Aircraft that id love to see in F.E are:


Vickers FB5 Gunbus

De Havilland D.H.5

Vickers F.B.12

Sopwith Salamander

Fiat R2

Short Bomber

Vickers Vimy

Airco D.H.9

Armstrong-Whitworth F.K.8

Nieuport-Delage 29

Dorand A.R.1

Paul Schmitt 7

Lloyd C.II

Lohner C.1

Rumpler C.I.

Ago C.II


All the best....



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There's a WW2 version of Gepard's Suez map (renamed to "Palestine" for WW2 usage) that could be fairly easily adapted for WW1 use.


It's in the SF1 series downloads in the Terrains section



kevin stein

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