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United Council of Fleets announces new website for discussing fleet issues and game play

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United Council of Fleets announces new website for discussing fleet issues and game play


The United Council of Fleets (UCF) would like to present our new website, www.trek-online.com, to the Star Trek Online (STO) community. This website will feature discussion about game play concerns and issues that affect fleets in particular. We will then take constructive feedback and viable ideas for improving the game back to Cryptic studios. Our goal is to provide an additional avenue of input for STO fleets and gamers.


The UCF formed from a group of fleet members and gaming podcasters who were interested in providing concrete suggestions to Cryptic about fleet-based issues in game. We will use the website to coordinate collection of data and opinions. This information will be relayed back to Cryptic with the goal of providing meaningful input to them on fleet play.


We encourage more fleets to join in our efforts. The UCF is made up of a dedicated volunteer staff from the Star Trek and STO community who will be helping to work with fleets who join our council. We will be gathering information and feedback on gaming issues from our member fleets and individuals. We will then send that information to Cryptic in an effort to help improve the game for everyone. In order to do this, member fleet representatives at UCF will take information back to their home fleets for discussion, and then share their findings on the UCF site. The UCF will compile the information and data and provide Cryptic with the results. This will allow Cryptic to have a better understanding of issues that affect fleets in particular.


If you are interested in joining as an individual, please register on the forums. Feel free to post in our forums. We welcome comments and opinions from all players, regardless of membership status within a fleet.


Fleet leaders are welcome to submit their fleets for fleet membership. To do this, the fleet leader or representative must register first. Then, click "Join UCF" at the top of the home page. Follow the links listed in order to sign up your fleet.


Thank you for your interest in the UCF. Together, we hope to help Cryptic and make a difference in the game for every player and fleet.


If you have any questions, please contact Nova (UCF profile: lrdnova), Crystal Dayra, or Fyasko.



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