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OFF Crashing, need good tech advice

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I've finally had some time to get back to flying OFF a bit on the weekends.. I hope. I'm still having hardware problems, ever since I had the bad blue screen crashes after briefly trying out an overclocked Nvidia 260 with my power supply that couldn't handle the currant, I've had problems. I returned the 260 and went back to my 8800gts, uninstalled drivers, reinstalled, etc. But something is definitely messed up and I hope I didn't fry something on the MOB or elsewhere. When I fly OFF with conservative settings I used to use with no problems (terrains at 3) it will be fine for about 10-15 minutes then suddenly the screen locks up, freezes and the sound keeps going. Then, every 15-45 seconds it will start to move, then freeze again. I have trouble getting out of the program and my mouse cursor also freezes. If I hit ctrl-alt-del, it doesn't switch to task manager, or it takes several minutes to do it. The best way I've found to get out of it is to wait till it starts to move then hit escape to bring up the go to hanger drop down, then try to get the cursor on the exit and click it.


The only other games I have installed are ROF and TestDrive Unlimited. TDU has only done it a few times. ROF does it sometimes, but not as often as OFF, so I think it's related to resource loading.


I tried the OFF workshop reinstall and it didn't help.


I've looked in the Windows event manager and it doesn't show any problems after a crash.. weird.


I'm wondering whether the 260 tryout may have hurt my Antec three rail TP-3-650 PS, or something on the MOB may be damaged?


Are there any tests I can run, or ways of finding out what is going on?


Any help or advice is appreciated greatly. I was looking forward to flying OFF last night and it was disappointing and frustrating.. always just at good points in a shoot out!

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I know both are Nvidia, but have you unistalled the Nvidia drivers and install them again?

You can use Drive Sweeper to remove some files that are never remove after uninstalling.


I doubt there is any damage in the PSU. Now the motherboard might be another matter.

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Whew... Drivers! Apparently the drivers I dl'd a few months ago were bad.. that's all I can figure out. I went to the Windows update page and it needed some Windows updates, malicious software remover, etc. and then I had it search for any hardware driver updates and it showed that I needed a Nvidia update for the 8800GTS, so I did it from there (I usually dl it from Nvidia and install it). Any way, to make it short, rebooted, fired up OFF and it's running fine again. Just had a very nice quik combat mission in a N11, with two wing mates against four E3's, OFF is looking great!


Now I just need to make some adjustments to TrackIR5 to improve the viewing. I set the planes to 5, both terrains to 3, clouds and effects to 4 and it's running very smoothly in the 40s-60's


Thanks everyone!

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