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  1. Thanks, Heck, just sold the lot. All the best to you!
  2. I'm cleaning house and have about 25 items for sale on Ebay. Osprey, Windsock, Profile Publications, Aviation Clasics magazine, along with some CDs. Take a look, I'd just like to find someone who can enjoy them and make some use of them. http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/152716493799 Or search on Ebay for WWI aviation books I also have two notebooks full of notes for skins and terrain art work I did on the early OFF, Wings of War and Rise of Flight sims. Anyone want them I'll send them by media mail and there free. I'm sure there are somethings that will be useful to someone still working on these sims. All the best to everyone here, glad to see OFF is still going strong! rabu
  3. OT Thank you Adam Telfer

    Great video, and interesting story, thanks! My Whippet, Raul, is also a relatively "young" dog breed, but he wouldn't know what to do with a sheep.
  4. Some of you with your AV programs.. how do you do on the tests at this link.. try them all and report back.. should be interesting. Tests
  5. Sorry, but I just don't trust some of your links.. the matousec site gave my Norton AV a flunking lowest score, along with some other popular AV programs, yet they gave highest marks to some programs that are very expensive. They labeled some of them free, but that's just a ruse, a 30 day trial, etc. They also mention that the program that they rate high, just happen to give them some money if you buy their program.. hmmm.. Then, on your last link, to test your security, I went ahead and ran all the tests, including the advanced tests, and my Norton AV passed all of them.. hmmm... something ain't right here, doesn't seem like my Norton is so bad after all, or the tests are no good?
  6. Thanks, Tony, I tried it out yesterday as I reported in the OVS thread on his crash problem. It ended up disabling Indeo Video and the Intervideo codec for music, but didn't help with my crash problem. I also ran some of the other checks like the Internet Explorer check, sound, etc. and it disabled my HP program that helps with printing web pages, but it also didn't help with the crashes. I'm sure it's probably good for many other problems though.
  7. Thanks, Otto. When mine locks up everything locks up except for the sound.. no mouse, no keyboard control, no Caps lock.. bad stuff. Well, you guys won't believe this.. yesterday, after reading some of the solution posts here I went and tried to dl the WD disgnostics software on the WD site and when I clicked on the dl.. bam.. computer locked up and crashed! Happened two more times last night when trying to dl other files.. this is really weird, almost like some one is watching me and decided to throw a new crash into my problems.. never had this happen before on dl's, only on playing videos or games before! Managed to dl the WD program, made a book diskette and ran it last night, and it could find no problems with my SATA drive. I also tried the MS Fix it program some one referenced and installed and ran it for the "video locks up" diagnosis. It ended up uninstalling Indeo video and my Intervideo audio program, but neither of those got rid of the problem either. This is driving me crazy. I'm also thinking of upgrading to Windows 7, but I think I'll spring for the Pro mode.. the home mode does not include the ability to use older XP programs, this is an important issue for me as I have many programs not designed for 64 bit use or Win7. Here's a comparison of the three versions: Also, if you have MS Media Player it's really important that you back up all of the media information, it's one thing MS left out of the equation for MP, Anything not in the ID3 tags can get lost. There is a free ware program I use that makes it simple. If you don't you lose all the ratings you give songs, etc., Dale Preston's MetaData Backup But that brings up a question, does Windows 7 have it's own player or does it still use Windows Media Player? I've got hundreds of music entries that I don't want to lose info on.
  8. Not trying to steal the show, but Iv'e got a similar problem that started appearing a good 8 months ago, it comes and goes, and everytime I think I have done something to fix it it comes back. It first started showing up while playing OFF or some other video games and the symptoms were the game would freeze, but the audio would continue for several minutes, can't bring up task manager, no response, can't alt tab out, then the computer would crash with a brief blue screen with text too brief to read, and it would automatically reboot itself. At the time I thought maybe it was the video card, so needing a new one anyway, I upgraded, still got the problem, also sometimes happened when playing a video online or on the HD. I have run memory tests let them run all night with no results. Of course I have updated video drivers after first doing an uninstall. Have upgraded audio drivers, have run full HD scans for errors and full defrags, even though they say they don't need them. Have done the MS updates and milicious software removal numerous times. Done system restores to no avail. Run my antivirus on full and do weekly scans and it has caught trojens in the past and lots of cookies, but nothing reported as not being removed. I have a Mob monitor and when ever something happens I check on system and CPU temps and they are both always down well below 50c A few weeks ago I updated the Nvidia drivers and didn't have any problems for about two weeks, then bam, it started doing it again.. driving me crazy. I really don't want to have to reinstall everthing with a OS reinstall, maybe will try a XP repair install first. The other idea I had was to connect another empty SATA drive I have as the boot disk, install XP on it, update it, etc., and run things on it for awhile and see if I have the same problem. Isn't it possible to set up a dual boot option at start up and choose which drive you want to boot from?
  9. Fifteen Years of Trying

    Yep.. fond memories, but looking at the video there is no way I would want to play it again. Poor Lissette, I loved that girl, and the very British drunk, and the mechanic. The voice acting was actually pretty good and the music was great.
  10. Would love to see some really good screen shots taken from the mission.. looks great!
  11. # sigh # If Only

    Well, here's my ride... Look at that fuselage.. look at those wings.. those struts.. the quality of the build.. what a beauty! CONTACT!
  12. # sigh # If Only

    I still like to hump.. I mean, I still like the humps.. never mind.. I'll hump either one.. yea, the Snipe is nice too.
  13. Thanks, CP, I just embeleshed an old engraving that I liked. I think it was an ad for one of the early aerial photographers.

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