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Has anyone out there seen "Invictus"? It's an excellent movie. It's about Nelson Mandela after he assumed the presidency in South Africa. He was very concerned about how he could unite a nation that was once divided. He focused on Rugby as one way to bring the country together.


A definite "feel good" movie. It seemed appropriate to watch while the World Cup is being played in South Africa. Highly recommended.

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I have enjoyed all of the last Clint Eastwood's movies (safe for "Gran Torino" I have not seen yet, and "Mystic River" I felt very bad watching at). They are often based on true stories: I didn't know the pitch of "Changeling" and learnt something there (knew about the LAPD's bad reputation at that time but naught about Gordon Northcott), and I found his work about Iwo Jima very accurate. Old Clint is definitely a great film director, with high sensibility (his movies seem to please women as much as men, which is not that usual).


I nonetheless found the drawing a little thick in that movie, sentimentalism rather than sensitivity. I think of that moment just after victory when a raw caricature of Boer embraces one of the surprised Black bodyguards, a veteran of ANC.

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