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  1. War for Israel Music Pack

  2. [Fiction] Would you read her story?

    Hell yeah, I'd read her story. I want to know more about the girl who does, and finds a way. I don't care about political correctness, I want to know the truth. What you've written so far is excellent. It makes me want to know more.
  3. That is one bad@ss aircraft. Love it!
  4. I just installed DCS World from Steam. But now I see that FC3 (which I intend to get sometime soon) is not sale on Steam but it is at ED. Apparently, anything directly from ED is not compatible with Steam installs. Did I make a mistake in installing from Steam? Are discounts more common/deeper at ED than on Steam?
  5. RAVEN

    Congrats. Good to hear you were victorious. Welcome back!
  6. Simple Planes

    This isn't nearly so complicated. This parts sort of snap together like magnets. Some improbable structures actually work and will fly, though you cannot violate the laws of physics too much. Make an unbalanced airplane and it won't fly too well. Still, it's lots of fun watching your own creation go. You can even get (or build) fairly decent facsimiles of historical aircraft. Here's a working Do-24 I made. Here's an RAF Short Tucano I downloaded for free.

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