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Guest rscsjsuso5

china- SA341B_AH-1

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Guest rscsjsuso5

china- SA341B_AH-1

this will serve as a readme!


1. this package is a nation specific helicopter SA341B_AH-1 that the chinese bought from france.


2. no lod mod is included get in here http://combatace.com/topic/56725-sa-341-gazelle/ just put it in as usual.


3. this is for sfp1 , patched latest 08 , weapon pack 2.5 the really big one with inertia weapons.


4. i tried to get as close as possible with the real life screens/copter.


5. decal positions are included for insignia and number as original package didn't have it.


6. special thanks to kesselbrut and team for the original package /mod " thank you = xie xie ne (chinese mandarin)"


lucky #7. have fun because this helicopter can do a satisfactory damage to taiwanese tanks and so go get em. blast a taiwanese tank or ship for me.


to admin thanks for your help and also if this file is not allowed then pm me and i will fix it.


to simmers out their just copy paste this description/readme to a txt file and save it just in case for reference.


helpful links:







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Guest rscsjsuso5

to answer your question i don't know but the closest i can get is either uv16 rocket pods. the picture you state seems to be a uv16 rocket pod soviet weapon chinese bought.

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