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Harpoon Commanders Edition...

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Whilst awaiting RedPill...


I purchased this yesterday after having problems with my original Harpoon CD failing and I spent last night playing around with it and so far I am fairly impressed over the old Harpoon version I had the fact you can edit the maps now to create your own maps is a big improvement and also the addition of new units helps as well... I really like the western Pacific and the Japanese units that are available means that there is a whole new setup of scenarios to create... I have just downloaded the patch and will be trying that tonight...


Its great if you aren´t looking for heavy graphics etc and want to get involved in Naval and Air Warfare...


You can get more info here...



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I like it, too. It falls somewhere between the original Harpoon and Fleet Command in terms of accessability.

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Okay I have been playing this for about 2 weeks now and its just as good as I remembered...



Holds a whole lot of Units Land Sea Air... dont ask how many I havn´t counted them and I dont plan too as you can also create your own units !!! There are the latest ships as well as ships from the Vietnam era...


Played with the mission editor and oh boy you could have lots of fun with this... China and Russia take on the entire Pacific no problem... 4 US CVBG´s fully loaded and looking for trouble no problems... Raid on Kamchetka no problems... you want land units M1A1´s fighting T-72´s with support from ships off shore yeah we can do that... for a Naval Warfare game its straightforward point and click and with the addition of the Pacific you get a whole lot more fun... Some of the Scenarios are best played when you have a few hours spare oh and your brain is in first line thinking mode...




The AI isn´t too brilliant sometimes but it does try... but saying that that sometimes comes down to whoever programmed the Scenario... Basic Graphics...


Anyone who has any relevant questions let me know and I will answer them as best I can... :clapping:

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