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Capitaine Vengeur

Happy birthday, Mrs Bastardi !

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Mr and Mrs Bastardi are having dinner, when Mrs Bastardi suddenly breaks in tears:


- Oh Luigi! You haven't said anything special, brought anything special that evening! Have you really forgotten that today is my birthday? How can have you forgotten?


- Oh my poor darling! I was so busy at work these last days... Listen, let the plates, we are going out together this night. A friend of mine has told me about an excellent night-club.


Mrs Bastardi wants to wear what she thinks to be her nicest dress and jewels, and then the couple goes to the so-vaunted night-club. As soon as they reach the entrance, the bouncer salutes the man:


- Good evening, Mr Bastardi. I hope that you'll enjoy the show, as usual...


Mrs Bastardi is quite surprised, then worried:


- Luigi, he called you by your name. Did you ever come here before?


- I swear that no, my darling. This man must have confused.


Inside, the waiter immediately comes to them and guide them:


- Good evening, Mr Bastardi. Your usual table, I suppose? Just next to the stage. I hope that you'll enjoy the show, as usual...


This time, Mrs Bastardi clenches her fists:


- Luigi, you lied to me. You have come here before, it's evident. We shall have an explanation together.


Mr Bastardi doesn't answer, and soon, the show begins: it's a strip-tease. Mrs Bastardi quickly feels shocked, as it happens to be a full peel-off. And as the stripper puts off her tiny string and makes it turn around her finger, this young girl shouts:


- And now for the last piece of cloth! For whom? For whom?


And the whole audience chants:




The poor Mrs Bastardi yells in tears and rushes out of the club. As her following husband reaches the street, she's already in a waiting taxi. And when her husband tries to come in to explain, she slaps and scratches him:


- Don't! Don't touch me! You liar! You degenerate! You son of a #@*+! I s**t your mouth! I §+!#* your f**king *%!


The taxi driver then turns his face towards the couple:


- Listen, Mr Bastardi. I can say that together, we have already conveyed a fair amount of rude bitches... But never half as crude and vulgar as that ugly fat old whore!



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Great, have known it for vears with a Dutch guy in it !!!!:rofl:


Hou doe,



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