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Tomcat Over Europe '79

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Tomcat Over Europe '79

This is small modification of stock WOE Red Lightning campaign letting Mirage Factory F-14A Tomcat operates from Nimitz carrier on the Baltic Sea near Danish Straits area.


I changed stock CVA-63 carrier name to CVN-68 Nimitz and decals number to 68 (to be more similar). Also added Location013=Baltic Sea and placed carrier under Danish Straits area. And of course added USN Jolly Rogers squadron instead of last F-15A unit ([uSAFUnit029] -> [uSNUnit001]) with typical supply: AIM-7F, AIM-9L, AIM-54A, Tank330_F14_W.




- MF F-14A Tomcat (F-14A folder) properly instaled for first gen. sims (remember change F-14A.ini code format from UNICODE to ANSI, decals on right place and weapons) with VF-84 Jolly Rogers skin inside.



- Wings Over Europe, Oct2008b updated, Mirage Factory Weapons Pack 01/25/2009.




- put WOECAMP2.ini & WOECAMP2_DATA.ini into Campaigns\woeCamp2\

- GERMANYCE_TARGETS.ini & GERMANYCE_NATIONS.ini goes into Terrain\GermanyCE\

- CVA-63.ini put in Objects\GroundObject\CVA-63\

- Decals.ini into Objects\GroundObject\CVA-63\USNGrey


and let overwright (BUT MAKE BACKUP BEFORE!)




Select Red Lightning campaign then United States Navy and you are ready to fly!



Thanks to:


- Third Wire for their stock things.

- Mirage Factory for their beauty and killing Tomcat.


Freeware licence.




Michal Minta



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