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SF2 WW2 - destroyed lods ...

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Since I've been on a 'install building' kick; creating some new sf2 ww2 installs, it came to me that there are PLENTY of pre-made, readily availalbe destroyed lods for a lot of the ww2 aircraft. Obviously, for a PTO install, some would have to be repurposed and 'made do' with (as in all the IJN/IJAAF aircarft). In face, some of th stock ones could be reused.


what's available:


2 Bf109s








3 Hurricanes

3 spitfires (various marks of each) =the expanson pak used mustang destroyed!!!=

2 P38s


P51 (also available as stock

P40E (also usable for P-40B/C/Tomahawk1




A5M (could also be usable for crashed stukas)


Ki48 (Lily aka beaufort)

Qw1 (lorna aka Ju88)


also an SM79 in the DATs Spanish Civil War mod; but that's not permissialbe for upload. I'll pass Capun the info, so folks can make use of it. That one could also be used for "Tante Ju" as well


Where did I find them?


I'm the terrain and targets guy ... I know what's in all the terrains. And that's where they are! We've had them since approx 2004!!!


We'd been experimentating with them in the KAW mod, and they work just like the stock ones; you just need to add the data ini statements.


So, any interest? For the SF2 WW2 players only, unfortunately

Screenies on request. (which means I forgot to take one, and will get one up tommorrow!)



kevin stein

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