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Strike Fighters Mod/Editor Needed

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Guys, I just can't keep up with you guys, there seems to be a new addon or skin almost everyday! So, I need some help. I'm looking for a Strike Fighters Editor/Mod at Biohaz.


So, with that in mind, I'm looking for someone that can post news daily as well as patrol the Biohaz Strike Fighters forums with a light touch. I need outgoing people that like to help users by answering questions, as well as informing them of the latest news, files and such. HTML knowledge is great, but not required as the software I run is pretty user-friendly. It's relatively easy to post text/pics without HTML knowledge. An attention to detail is a plus, as is a friendly easygoing attitude, as we know how the community can be sometimes. ;)


On the news side, there is a lot happening in Project-1, so I would really like to see new Project-1-related news items every day if possible (obviously depends on the day's events) as well as help gathering all the Addons & mods/tweaks/etc for the Project-1 File Library. On the forum side, for those of you not familiar with Biohaz, we tend to run a pretty friendly forum here, and we usually moderate things with a light touch. I've banned a total of 4 people here in 18 months, and usually one warning is enough to get people to simmer down. The good thing is we have a very friendly, mature community here that tend to police themselves pretty well.


As for the Files Area, with the huge amount of mods always coming out, I need someone to help keep up to date with the Project-1 files. This person will be in charge of keeping us up to date with the latest file releases, as well as updates to existing mods.


The last thing I'm looking for is dedication. I really need people that are going to stick with this. I've had other people in the past that were gung-ho and assured me they wanted the position, then never posted anything once given the job. If you are just kind-of interested in this, then please be honest with yourself and me and don't take the job. If you don't think you have the time, please don't waste your time or mine. =) But with a few dedicated people sharing the load, it will be an easy and fun job for all of us.


So that's it in a nutshell. The most important thing is to have fun with this. I run this website with the attitude that it's not MY site, it's OUR site. Everyone has a say in things, and I like the team collaboration to create a community site that people really enjoy coming to. Like I always say, if you're not having fun, then why do it? It's not for the money... ;)


So, you've heard what I'm looking for. Still interested? If so, then please shoot me an email and let me know if I've scared you away or not. =) I am shooting to fill these positions by the end of next week, so please get back to me as soon as possible. Also, when you reply, please let me know what your handles are on the other forums

(Biohaz/SimHQ/Ubi/Frugals/Whatever forum you frequent the most) so I can get take a look and get a feel for your writing style and such. Thanks again and I hope to hear from you soon!


Jeff "MadJeff" Bolden

Site Owner/Admin



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I mailed you some time ago, but did not see an reply from you. can you confirm to me if you received my email??



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