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Swedish Campaign Addon/modification

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File Name: Swedish Campaign Addon/modification

File Submitter: Pile

File Submitted: 08 July 2010

File Updated: 08 July 2010

File Category: User Made Campaigns


Swedish Add-on


*Inserted flyable squadron of the J 29 Tunnan in the 1962 Campaign


*Inserted flyable squadron of the J 35F Draken in the 1968 Campaign


*Inserted flyable squadron of the JA-37 Viggen in the 1979 Campaign


*Edited the 1979 Campaign and Created one additional Campaign that takes place 1998, Operation Burst. New Aircraft to this campaign is for the moment flyable JAS-39C Gripen, and added 2 Su 27 Squadrons to enemy side (Not completed thou, it is almost a raw copy of the 1979 campaign for the moment, main goal was to be able to fly the JAS-Gripen in campaign mode without altering to much).


*Weapons included! We used the Weapons Pack 2.52 (http://combatace.com/files/file/7791-weapons-pack-252-by-the-wosfp1-community/) That almost has every weapon to downloadable aircraft found on this site, has done some modifications to it thou, so i suggest you install this over a raw fresh copy of WoE, or remove your current WeaponsPack


We Take no credit what so ever with this upload, We haven`t done any modelling what so ever. However we have made alterations to all aircraft. The JAS was very "wobbly" when we got hold of it so we fixed the aerodynamics a bit, for the better (at least in Hard Flight model). Some minor changes has been done with the other aircrafts, mostly loadouts to be compatible with the add-on campaigns. HAVE FUN and please leave a comment if you have any opinions.


Links to Aircrafts that has been used in this modification:








Just Unzip the Folders and put them over your WoE installment (Oct Patch "latest one, sort of say"), NO EXTRA WORK TO BE DONE, JUST CUT AND PASTE (overwrite files when prompted)!


As i said, if you have any comment in how to make this better feel free to leave a comment, this is our (Suncat & Echo`s) first modding attempt to WoE




Click here to download this file

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