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Which Strike Fighters 2?

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Lately I have been wanting to play a modern type Flight Sim and I found Strike Fighters 2 Europe and then ai see all the other SF2 series and now I have know idea what I should get. Any suggestions?



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BTW, Strike Fighters 2 is hardly modern.

The game best simulates planes from the 60s-80s (Cold War)

Current planes with advanced avionics are simplified.


Depends on what planes you want and which theater?

Europe and Israel are the most modern. Europe has both the A-10 and F-15. Israel has the F-16 and the F-15.

Or you can just get both titles to get the best of both worlds.


If you can get only one... you can go a long way with Europe where you can expand it with the Nato Fighters 4+ mod.


Finally, there is a separatre section for SF2 discussion in the forums. (Moderators pls. move this thread).

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