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Seasonal Town & Water Tiles (Spring, Summer, Fall)

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Seasonal Town & Water Tiles (Spring, Summer, Fall)

Read Me for First Eagles Spring, Summer, and Fall modded town and water tiles by Bandy.


These tiles only go with Jan Tuma's seasonal terrain tiles mod.

As the title says, these are only for Spring, Summer, and Fall;

winter is a work in progress.


Many thanks go to Jan Tuma for creating his FE seasonal town tiles that,

to me at least, have made a huge difference in the feel of the sim.

Thanks to TK and friends, and all 3rd party modders who make this a great community.


The town tiles are 1024 x 1024 in order to improve certain textures.

All other non-town tiles in this mod are 512 x 512. Resize as you require.


The water tiles replace the "turquoise" shaded water with a darker blue-gray.

If you like turquoise, then let me know and I will render a version with that colour.

I noticed a long time ago that one of the Flanders Town.tod files was mislabelled; a

replacement is provided.


To Install:

1) Back up your terrain folder.

2) Unzip this download and drag the corresponding folders into the

/Terrain/seasonal_tiles folder, and the /Terrain/Flanders folder

overwriting the files when prompted.

3) Fly!



I could not extensively test these tiles in all seasons and all terrains, I simply do

not have that much free time, so please post any errors or tweaks you think are required.


Some trees and buildings do funky things at the tile margins; short story, this is unavoidable.

I would like to have shifted the "statues" or monuments in some of the town squares,

but did not. If you can do this, that would be sincerely appreciated.


Dog fighting over towns is really enjoyable!


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That's truly impressive - a must for any FE guys - here it is in FE2:


btw - Some of the building roofs shimmer badly - Stary knows how to fix this because it happened in Green Hell 2.




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