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Best Victory Results against Aces?

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just had the most extraordinary flight and tussle with the Flying Circus. Could tell it was them by their multi coloured Albatross scouts, 6 in one flight attacked and then 3 Halberstadts joined them.

Here is my claims from that flight, now confirmed...

18/1/1917 10h43 Confirmation Received of Claim submitted on: 17/1/1917 9h38 Flanders Close Air Support Flying: Sopwith Triplane. On this day claims: 3 AlbDII . On Close Air Support we engaged a large number of enemy scouts, mainly Albatross DIIs, near Heule over enemy lines. At 10.02 i fought one all Red painted DII at between 5,000 and 2,000 feet height firing 300 rounds. He went down in flames crashing near Heule. At 10.06 i fired 40 rounds into another DII, red feuselage and green and brown wings, at 400 feet. He crashed into woods near Ingelmunster and exploded. At 10.10 i climbed up to engage a Red and Gold painted DII at 1,000 feet, firing 80 rounds. He also crashed in woods south of Ingelmunster. Witnessed by: Alex Reinard Status : Confirmed .


The first was M.Richtofen, the second another Ace i didn't catch the name of and the 3rd Allmenroder. I have had long running dogfights with other lone Aces who had me sweating, strangely these 3 went down rather easily considering their names, number advantage and my poor flying. (Flight Model - Realistic / all Guns -Normal). Has anyone ever had a better series of kills than this?

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Welcome to Over Flanders Fields, Smithy!


Those coloured birds must have been Albatros D.III (early); the D.II were not painted in such colours,

and when Manfred von Richthofen flew a D.II, he was still in Jasta 2.

Since I am mostly flying German side, I have shot down British or Canadian or Australian aces. But yes,

there were fights, in which I have shot down three or four aces.

You know, the killing of aces is not (yet) the greatest challenge. To live long, or even through the whole war,

is the difficulty. We shoot down many craft, cause we don't care very much, if we loose our pilot - we just create

a new one. But I must admit, I never made it much longer than two months of the war, before I fell.

So I am not even nearly as good as Fonck, Udet, Bishop or Beauchamp-Proctor - aces, who lived after the war.

Did you bring all your wingmen back alive? That is something to achieve - often very hard, but worth it;

you'll feel great!


I see you noted your town and country - I'll add you to our OFF Forum Pilots Maps, if you don't mind.

(see "Sticky Threads")

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Ay up Smithy,


I can't beat that episode - I doubt whether anyone can - but I had a scramble yesterday evening that was a rum 'un.


If you've been reading Reports from the Front, you may have seen my posts about a bloke in RFC no.2 squadron, and his flights in BE2c's, his transfer home as trainer, and then the return to France as a scout pilot in RFC no.1 squadron. Unfortunately, due to Moranes being unavailable, I've had to transfer him back to his original squadron - no doubt I'll come up with some bulls**t reason why he went! - however the second mission on his return was a scramble. Normally, I'd simply sit back and forget it, however for some daft reason, I went for it and found about a dozen EIIIs up against my flight of 4 BE2c's. That's instant suicide territory IRL, but it certainly wasn't for me; perhaps OFF is simply kind to BE pilots! We got off the ground and when I realised that the Fokkers weren't piling in with the sort of glee that they demonstrated when my pilot was in a Bristol Scout, decided to attack.


This is all very un-BE like behaviour, but I assure you it's true. I set one EIII smoking and he drifted down and crashed - poor sods barely have enough lift to keep them aloft anyway - and then fixed upon another badly flown EIII which I managed to pepper and which subsequently then crashed into a wood near my airfield. As he went in the label Max Immelman came up. If only it'd been so easy in the real war! In OFF, it simply means that he evades capture by morphing into an ent and then striding manfully, er, treefully back to the Hun lines. What could be easier?

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:drinks: Good stories, I dont have on labels , but whenever I get shot down , I blame it on an Ace.:rofl:

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