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Clear Sky

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I am not a serious modder, but I do like to fine tune so that I get a realistic sim with realistic visuals.

I use Panama Red realistic sky mod August 2009, FEG, Nov 2008.

Clear sky set in [weather] of load mission (done by others) shows a beautiful blue sky, with wispy clouds and no horizontal band, contary to the plain two colour band in create mission.

This led me to experiment within extracted Enviroment System ini ( extracted from Flight Folder ) by altering settings for [cloudsclear], and this resulted in a sky similar to that in load mission.

On restarting my pc, however, clear sky reverts to an ugly two colour horizontal band, even though my Enviroment System ini settings stay as per my amendments.

What am I missing as regards maybe duplicating my Enviroment System ini settings elsewhere within the program?

Am I trying to be too technical, and touching on things that should be left alone?


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FE has always had the default clear sky appearing at random. No matter how much you change the EnvironmentSystems.ini. I dont know why this happens. Must be in the programing. I have a modded sky system aswell. But every now and then I get the stock ugly clear sky with the solid horizon line to appear. But not too much. So I just deal with it. For some reason I think TW has programed Clear to be a default. No other sky settings do this. Only clear. I think some other guys have tried to get rid of it too. But that was a no go as far as I know. Try over at ThirdWire forums under FE2. Maybe TK can answer this for you. After all he made it:grin:



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You could edit your wwiCambrai.ini file so clear does not appear. Cambrai because if I remember correctly, this terrain contains all tiles so other terrains reference it (or at least that was the way it was before). As quack says, clear sky is a default if any other weather is not chosen, all other weather adds up to less than 100% like so:

















blah, blah, blah for the other seasons... Make the weather add up to 100% and viola, no clear sky. But it doesn't bug me like it seems to do to you.



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