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Alphasim Free Skyray texture fix SF/WOV/WOE Patched 10/08





The Mod Fixes some of the texture bugs in the Alphasim Free Skyray.


To install: Unzip the Alphasim_SkyrayFix.Zip and copy the texture files to the correct folders.

First copy the 2 textures from the Add_Cockpit folder to the Cockpit folder(overwright,Say Yes) then copy the

8 textures from the Add_USNGray1 folder to the USNGray1 folder.

Go Fly!


Fixes :


Addes textures to the external cockpit and jet exhaust.

UnPainted surfaces in the external cockpit are unmaped.


If you want to deleat all the unneeded files see full Readme.


Credits- Model Alphasim





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Thanks for your work on this. The Skyray is my all-time favourite aircraft for sentimental reasons. Thanks for your efforts to improve the look and feel of this classic plane.


I was wondering if anyone else has found the textures on Julhelm's brilliant model a little flat/matte? It may just be my perception and/or my rig, but the photographs of real Skyray models seem to show glossier textures, which the Alphasim model approximates more closely on my machine. Does anyone know if there is a way of 'glossing up' a texture, or is that embedded in the .lod?

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Yeap, it's easy.


In TextureSet.ini inside skin folder you have three values:



Glossiness= <- increase this



for example:






It's very glossy :grin:

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Thanks for the swift response. I enjoy flying off carriers with the Skyray and this will make a difference to my life when I get home from the office! :salute:

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