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  1. Thanks to Wpnssgt for the original work and to you for the update and compilation work. This is one of my favourites.
  2. This is a heliopter attack on the lines of Apolaypse Now, but it has plenty of flak and explosions. Bear with the introduction until you come to the shoot 'em up bits.
  3. I would be grateful if anyone could help me with this eccentric machine but favourite of mine. I have searched the forum, but there is no post that I can find on this. I have installed the M109 and M50 Ontos from RebelRyder and the Update Artillery files. The gundata files are sorted out. The M109 blasts away merrily, but while the machine gun has fired, the M50 recoilless rifles are mute. Is this because the SF1 coding does not allow multiple guns firing, or do I have another problem with it? If anyone else has managed to get the Ontos lobbing multiple rounds across the Perfume River or into the Citadel, I would be grateful for a steer on how to fix it. I was wondering if maybe I should neutralise five of the six barrels. It is not vital to the mission I have constructed, but it would be good to have the extra immersion I am getting from the M109 and M107. Many thanks in anticipation.
  4. Fubar, Thanks again. That did it - and I shoulda known it was a Vista issue. I now have FRAPS ingame, recording and filing the shots. Perhaps this should go into the Knowledge Base in case someone else hits the same issue? Much appreciated.
  5. Fubar, Thanks, and especially for nailing the problem so quickly. That has saved me a lot of further messing about. I am heading over to FRAPS HQ right away. Cheers!
  6. Fubar, I am using Vista, the bane of my life. I had none of this with XP. Thanks.
  7. MigBuster, Thanks for the speedy reply. I had checked that already, but went back and double-checked just in case: but there is no conflict between the video capture hotkey and any game control key. Bit of a mystery, really.
  8. I have searched the forums and this problem does not show up. I have FRAPs 2.9.5 installed and it works perfectly on capturing video from other screens and videos. However, it does not work when I fly WoV. The yellow and red FPS figures do not show up on screen and there is no recording when I press the hotkey. Have tested it on other screens, and capturing takes place as expected, as I say, so it does not appear to be FRAPs itself. Has anyone else experienced the same problem? Or can anyone who is tech savvy help? I have reached the limits of my tinkering abilities. Thanks for any assistance.
  9. Thanks, MigBuster: will try out the various suggestions you kindly offered tonight after work.
  10. Thanks for the responses, guys. That makes sense as I have the BUFFs flying in historically correct formations, and the F4-Ds escorting have no ECM. Great ECM bubble for the B52s though. Just got blown away in another hailstorm of SAMs after posting. Some good advice from Migbuster. Next time I shall fly/hide amongst the big fellas and see what happens.
  11. I have made a mission in KMD involving an attack by B52Gs on Hanoi. The SAM and AAA environment is pretty deadly, but a strange thing happens. The escorting F-4s get shot out of the sky like fish in a barrel, including me as the player, despite jinking and weaving like a weasel, to switch similes. I have not survived a mission and it is the SAMs who blow me and the other F4s away. I expected then to see bits of B52 raining from the skies, but not a bit of it. All of them lumber on through the sky untouched while Phantoms fall around them. Is this just luck, or are the B52s modded to be indestructible? I am not complaining as the selfless sacrifice of those of us in the F4s means they get to lumber on and wreak revenge on Hanoi, but I would quite like to survive one mission! When I read the logs afterwards, the number of SAMs flung at the two F4 flights is staggering. I wondered if anyone else has had the same experience? Thanks.
  12. I have just been through the same rigmarole with the A4-F. In the end I got it down to using the names TANK300_A4a and Tank300_A4nf in the end and it works fine but they may be the wrong colour for you because you are looking for the A4-K. It took a lot of to-ing and fro-ing between the various inis and the weapons editor and weaponsdata.ini, but I got there in the end. The critical thing is to have all of the same designations everywhere! This is what it looked like, for example, for the FAC, and the tanks all showed: [FAC] Loadout[01].WeaponType=LAU-3A Loadout[01].Quantity=1 Loadout[02].WeaponType=LAU-3A Loadout[02].Quantity=1 Loadout[03].WeaponType=Tank300_A4a Loadout[03].Quantity=1 Loadout[04].WeaponType=Tank300_A4a Loadout[04].Quantity=1 Loadout[05].WeaponType=Tank300_A4nf Loadout[05].Quantity=1
  13. That's really weird for a coincidence! I was flying through some monsoon rain clouds over India this afternoon and I was thinking about the missions for WoV I had made in KMD. I was thinking that I should come on to the forum when I got to Delhi and ask about the same issue. When I tried to vary the heights of cloud banks in the missions I designed through the KMD editor, nothing happened. Now I have something to go on to figure out how to deal with this issue. Thanks, Ticket1. Weird, man: what a small world it is.
  14. Thanks for the swift response. I enjoy flying off carriers with the Skyray and this will make a difference to my life when I get home from the office!
  15. Thanks for your work on this. The Skyray is my all-time favourite aircraft for sentimental reasons. Thanks for your efforts to improve the look and feel of this classic plane. I was wondering if anyone else has found the textures on Julhelm's brilliant model a little flat/matte? It may just be my perception and/or my rig, but the photographs of real Skyray models seem to show glossier textures, which the Alphasim model approximates more closely on my machine. Does anyone know if there is a way of 'glossing up' a texture, or is that embedded in the .lod?

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