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Hello ..


Saddam Hussein shoots 42 Scuds on ISRAEL .. the Americans and allies Campagin on Ground and Air is under Heavy Resistance ,, the American Air campagin on Iraqi airforce failed the Iraqi interceptors managed to be airborne before conducting the missions ... But Iraqi Airforce still losed some strategic Bases and Squadrons ..

"ISRAEL" Attacks Iraq with a heavy shower of Ballistic Missiles .. Iraqi Air defense still not damaged severely cuz the air campaign didn't succeed

The Troops of the friendly arab allies to US .. dont Fight ,, Military coups Happens everywhere in the arab world as the governments sont retalite on the israeli attack on Iraq

a New Arab-Israeli conflict emerge ...

this Time Arabs against Israel and UK and usa AND THEIR ALLIES

This is the idea ...

u better all research all arab Airforces in 90s

The War stays 24 Days ..

it ends in satlemet .. Arabs conquered Gaza and west Bank and destroyed 70% of the enemy force

an attirtion War emerge after the War in 4 weeks .. this War is the end of Israel OR the day Israel Big Jewish state Happen

in the first War the Arabs will have slight Quantitative favorable Force

the second they will have a fully big quantitave favour

Israel land allies in the first War are better in Quality

israel on the second war is badly behind in numbers but the aid from the losing Big allies in the last war give them a relief in the weeks after the start of the attitrion War ..



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We SaLe YUO V.gOOd sTuFf, raElly GoOD PrICE, aLmosT FrEe. aLL ManUFacTurEerD bY v.TaleNTld TecKnICIons, LatViAn MafiA. We SAle LoTs. YuO WaNT moR DetAle, YeS? :drinks:

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Actually, Almaleki probably has a better understanding of the pending consequences of Desert Storm had the plan gone wrong and Israel not been able to control it's impulses. Shock and Awe definitely wouldn't have succeeded for long in that case. The political consequences of a long drawn out war in the Persian Gulf would have been an extremely displeased American public. The borders in the Persian Gulf would be smaller around Syria, Iran, and Iraq when it's over, but Israeli security would become an even worse burden on the USA.


Don't forget the increase of forces we would have had to deploy to the region right during one of the climaxes of the Cold War.

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