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  1. well they are pirated there is no polite thing in here if they sold the original in here i would buy it .. Iraq sucks .. Regards
  2. MIGbuster i am in Iraq so it is not an original for sure ,, there is nothing such as original in Iraq CDs there was/is skins folders in it .. All regards
  3. i have the skins there is skin but there is no real skin in the game It is Wings Over Israel Patched to Oct2008 ,, do you want me to bring images ?
  4. Hello My Ground Objects are snowy white colored so i s my fighters ,, there is no camo on the original game objects .. while it shows on the objects i download from here or column5 .. a friend uploded me the whole original game camos .. but my groundobjects are still snowy white ,, rgds
  5. how many weaponsdata.INIs do you have ??? you must do the changes on both if and it is also better to stick with one (if you have two) other than that ,, i am not sure .. and always backup your files in such problems .. cheers
  6. WoI IsraelME Targets Enhancement Pak

    its not logical to give a country using "Airborne artillery" tactics a ground AD Batteries ,, they dont have such idea in such period ,, they put all of their tactics on scrambling jets as there country area is not big ! the arabs used the SAMs extensively what was named the SAM groupings and arrays ,, cheers
  7. Hello my weapon edition is not opening ,, i even backed up my data and re-installed the game and patched it and (without back-up files) didnt work too ,, i tried ti start it in WinRar and worked ,,, please help ,, it is the same for the gun editior ,, PLEASE HELP
  8. Downloading

    I am in Iraq ,, i use WLAN .. wireless .. i will try today it looks like no interputions is there .. cheers
  9. well i have some kinda a problem ,, i have bad internet ,,, it is fast but it stops for minutes and come back ,, i was Downloding using DAP Resume not supported .. so then i disabled it and waited full day and download the file (which is 200mb part 1 of desert storm of SF1) the internet was good in minutes i finished 30mb but then it stoped a minute (i was downloading using Firefox browser) and i paused and resumed ,, and all what happened that it became 35kb and finished and i cant open it .. i dont know what to do .. can anyone help on that ? it is my third day trying to download the file and my one chance is over ... so i will wait another 24 hrz ,, cheers
  10. THX ,, i will see these suggestions .. BUT THANKS! still the avionics thing but someone suggested to come to help .. cheers
  11. well .. for first i would rather discuss with the devil rather than "israel" AND do u remember we are talkin about a game ?? heh .. well ... what kind an avionics\cockpit i must choose now ? THX
  12. I use the Iran-Iraq War ,,, and it is not easy to deal with F-14s with Heat Seaking .. so i decided to use -29s ,,, that are not included in Campagin files but it in the real was used in War after 1986 ,, so i made some changes and i can fly it after 1985 ... but it would be useful if the MiG-23 is better .. we all want realistic Game .. not like AC series when u get to ur jey with 120 missiles .. cheers
  13. Ok .. then the MiG-23 cant be stealth i better stick with it is first engine .. but if u read my note 4 is my biggest problem
  14. Hello I have been playing online using Hamachi with other players from other Forums (Arabic Forums) using Hamachi is there any rooms that the CA opened for playing ?? cheers

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