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Port Forwarding

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Hoping somebody can advise me...


I'm getting bombed up for multiplayer after a long break, but realised I'm on a new machine that needs configured for port forwarding.


The static IP address bit is done, and I can remember all the steps to configure my router, but its the ports reference that is throwing me. I'm sure I remember figures with 1's and 0's, like 1001 or something etc, but it was too long ago and I just dont remember what figures to use.


Can anybody help?


It's the last three boxes I need to fill in, but I'm reasonably sure the bottom box, server IP, is the static IP address, (I think) but it's the port settings that kill me. Can anybody help? Where do I get these figures?

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Unless you've got some kind of top level military secrets on your HD, wouldn't it be a whole lot easier just to enable UPnP??


It may not work for you, but it's certainly an option to consider. Failing that, just do a quick google for "CFS3 multi-player ports"


You may also have to allow access via your OS firewall, probably for OFF Manager...and possibley CFS3.exe?





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