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Halo: Reach getting matchmaking in its campaign mode

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Halo: Reach getting matchmaking in its campaign mode


Destructoid -- 22 August 2010 by Matthew Razak


Here's some good news for all of you out there who hated the fact that you couldn't just hop into a game of Halo 3's campaign through a matchmaking system. Halo: Reach will indeed have matchmaking for its single-player. This means that instead of only being able to charge through the campaign with your friends you can charge through it with anyone.


My plan? Find someone ridiculously better than me at the game by doing matchmaking on Legendary as much as possible then ride his coattails to victory and glorious Achievements I don't actually deserve. Then I can roll up to places like I'm some sort of Halo OG and get mad props from my peeps.


My street cred aside, is there anyone who doesn't see this as a very welcome feature?




Halo: Reach will feature campaign matchmaking


That VideoGame Blog -- 21 August, 2020 by Eddie Makuch


Bungie has announced that when the hotly hyped Halo: Reach hits shelves next month, not only will the Firefight mode get matchmaking support, but the campaign will too.


Wait, what? Yes. When you pick up your copy of Reach on September 14, you’ll be able to enlist the help of a random soldier and fight across the game’s entire campaign.


For reference, Halo 3 didn’t include campaign matchmaking (much to my annoyance). You could hop into a game with an Xbox Live friend, but you couldn’t search for a buddy. Also, Halo games on Legendary difficulty are notoriously difficult and the decision to include matchmaking for campaign will make sure no one has to play alone.








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