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  1. Unethical businesses are everywhere but this shop takes first prize. What scum bags. They probably sold you an ASUS reject card that has no warranty, as OEM stock, and they didn't want to eat the cost of the card since that would have been their own recourse with ASUS. Instead they lied and worse accused you of lying. Most folks don't react too well when you insult that person's integrity. It's a wonder someone has driven a pallet of bricks through their store front window already. It would be fun to buy a billboard near the business to share your story on. I'm a firm believer in calling a corrupt company thieves to warn others the same thing could and probably will happen to them.
  2. Unidentified

    Anyone been watching the TV show "Unidentified"? What's your thoughts on the subject of Aliens in our skies? I think aliens co-exist on the planet with us and that we've in turn been reverse engineering their gear since the mid 1940's. Discuss ...
  3. Unidentified

    It is weird and at the same time questionable. Are they drawing what they imagined based on their own personal reference of what an individual looks like. I mean what if it was truly alien looking would we understand it to be the same threat?
  4. Our quotas are there for scale. We host thousands of files and file images, site content including attachments in posts and private messaging, the gallery, an extremely large database, backups, and more. If all our members filled their quota on disk you can imagine the storage that would be required. The cost of adding additional hardware isn't cheap because our equipment runs in a RAID configuration so adding another 1TB disk is really adding 2 which increases our overhead. I've looked at cost savings alternatives like moving to the cloud but there also the premium is disk space and we'd be paying more. As for our support for modders that's never changed but you have to be nominated into that group and I have no control or say over that. You were asking about the error and site operation so everyone has responded accordingly. Now I understand you may be asking for something different and I'll pass the word along. E
  5. There's nothing wrong with your account. Your attachment space is fine. That error does not occur when trying to attach files or images to posts. I can't fix what is not broken. Try your attachment again and if you get an error screenshot the error. I am capable of reading upper and lowercase typed words unless you intentionally wanted to emphasize you meaning me to make this personal in which case I have a totally different answer for you.
  6. I'll let you answer your own questions but in the meantime here's where it is located. VIEW MEMBER PROFILE > SEE ACTIVITY (banner link) > FILES (left navigation panel) > RESULTS. You can now see other activity not just files.
  7. You filled up 40 MB of attachments which is what you are allowed as a Senior Member. Nothing was done because it is up to you to manage your attachments. You may do so here: https://combatace.com/attachments/ If you'd like unlimited space upgrade to a subscription plan or use the gallery to store your images.
  8. The DC3 is a fav and she's an elegant beauty of a workhorse.
  9. One of the most colorful posts I've seen in awhile. The software is supported by Thirdwire not CombatACE, that includes installation and patching. I would recommend using the contact information available on the Thirdwire site.
  10. The AC-130

    Lockheed built one tough old gal when they brought the Hercs to life. Understated, purposeful, redundant, mission critical, she's one of the unsung heroes of the skies. I love to go down and listen to those massive props spool and slap the air as if to say, "turn me loose I dare you."
  11. EAWHS Files Section Updated

    You're welcome to host the files here as well. I think the exposure will provide the platform benefits. Up to you. E
  12. Unidentified

    One thing that has always intrigued me is that every early civilization has a visitation story. Native American Indians, Mayans, Australian Aboriginals, Egyptians, etc, etc. Makes you wonder if they planted us like a crop of corn and are just waiting for the harvest, Jupiter Ascending reference which had a pretty good fictional story to tell.
  13. Unidentified

    VD - more like this. I can't tell you where the stabilizers are but for general shape this looks fairly close. I don't however discount your story it was just the first thing that popped into my head when I saw your picture.
  14. Unidentified

    Hey I agree the large majority of "the believers" aren't the most laced up people but then again neither was Einstein and look what he accomplished. Aliens being here all along or at least when this version of human was started is high on the probability scale. There's far too many old cultures that tell similar stories of space men, the Indian culture, the Aboriginals in Australia, American Indians, etc., to name a few. Have they just been watching this entire time or do they travel back and forth? My guess is they have bases here already either in the depths of the oceans or polar caps. There's just far too many sightings for them all to be hoaxes. A majority of the sightings are around nuclear power plants or military bases, or that's their draw, who knows.
  15. Unidentified

    VD, The image above to my eye looks like a eurocopter. Wrench, it's a decent show and I agree not the run of the mill dis-information program.
  16. Unidentified

    All valid and great points above ... there's more to know. But I couldn't agree more that we first need to all agree that there's more to know and work toward that common goal together as one humanity without the afflictions that separate us back to the tribal mentality.
  17. Unidentified

    One of the spacecraft the US recovered and reverse engineered was known to run on fuel element (115) that didn't exist on our planet. This element apparently creates it's own gravitation forces and the US denied all knowledge of such an element after its existence leaked and as proof pointed to the elemental table and said, "see it doesn't exist." Years later in 2003 along comes Russia announcing that they've discovered Element 115 now named Moscovium. You have to scratch your head and think, "well isn't that convenient." Senator John McCain before his passing was instrumental in starting and funding a government agency called, AATIP or Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. This program was designed to give people a place to report such sightings without the fear of reprisal, especially our enlisted many. From this program multiple recent encounters that were recorded on government hardware have been released to the public. The most notable being those of the Tic-Tac aircraft in the Pacific Ocean. West of Catalina Island an entire Pacific Battle Group electronically recorded dozens of unknown aircraft said to be stationary around 38,000 feet dropping to 5 feet off the ocean surface in seconds. Yet another Battle Group encounter West of Baja California intercepted similar unknown craft by diverting two F-18s from training exercises to real threat tasking. Of course there's much more to the story but far too much to type here. The bottom line was the data and flight behaviors from both these encounters draws a direct line back to these aircraft operating outside the limitations of gravity or within their own gravity fields. The Italian Government goes a step further and said one of their helicopters was fired upon by an energy weapon. They had parts from the aircraft, pictures, and analysis to prove exactly that. My thoughts are if we don't get our heads out of the sand and stop thinking we're a superior race we're all in for a rude awakening one day. I'm not big on conspiracy theories but all of the sightings and happenings are sure drawing a pretty straight forward conclusion. I often wake and wonder if today will be the day. "Unidentified' is one of many TV programs but this show is more current. I would think it could be found online since almost everything is streamed these days.
  18. Hard to read what you wrote. However, the current membership is active. The renewal which is to renew the current running subscription is not active. You can ignore the renewal notice if you wish.
  19. Let's ADD to This Forum

    OFF TOPIC, but the +7 means that seven people have reacted to your content. (like, thanks, haha, etc) which are available under the heart at the bottom of each post. There's no click bait here, we have no need for it. Your personal stats are yours nothing more.
  20. Agathosdaimon, The members bought you a trial membership. It's been added to your account. Enjoy. E
  21. Microsoft Simulator 2019

    UGH! :drool:
  22. 2019 Drive

    2019 Donation and Subscription Drive Valued CA Members and Patrons; It has been 51/2 years since CA last asked you to help support us. We think we've done fantastic managing our budgets and keeping the "collection plate asks" to a minimum. However, the time has come for us to pass around the plate again. Our 2019 mid-year income shows us significantly under funded for our yearly requirement of $3600 bringing in 18.23% of our need so far at this point. If we could ask, please take a moment to renew old subscriptions or sign up for a new one today you'd be doing your part to help. We also have started a new donation campaign for those that don't need subscriptions but still want to help. Please find and use the links below to show your support. Your continued appreciation and help for all we do is important to the entire community and we are grateful for any help offered to see us into 2020. We'd also like to take a moment and personally thank logan4. On average he personally donates between 12% - 15% of our yearly budget, every year, and we'd like everyone to help us thank logan4 for all he's done. Of course we all give in our own way and I would be remiss for not thanking everyone for that as well. Everyone's involvement means the world to us. Here's to another great year ahead. Buy New Subscription Manage Your Subscription Give Donation From all of us at CombatACE, thank you for your support.
  23. 2019 Drive

    We appreciate the help.
  24. 2019 Drive

    Everything counts in small amounts. I think I just robbed a song lyric. Thank you.

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