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  1. I've heard rumors that carriers are a lot slower on ground.
  2. The Corona Virus Thread

    I hope there's not a revolution and I'm not feeling that even with the current issues. We are all Americans and I would no more pick up arms against my brothers than anything. I hope most people feel that way. The protesting for black lives is on the edge of a good change that needs to happen and I'm praying that it does. The country is moving on without the racist in chief, his opinions and hatred don't matter. The virus being what it is, is small in comparison to what's at stake in our country. We will endure. Shame on our leaders that have sold out to business interests but like all things they won't last forever.
  3. The Corona Virus Thread

    The failure of this leadership to lead at any point during this administration is disgustingly sick and deprave. Never until today has the rest of the world pitied us. We were the jewel of democracy and today we are the joke of it. That's what this president has done to this country. Black lives matter because we are all free under the constitution. This is the America I want to live in and it doesn't include the racist in chief.
  4. The Corona Virus Thread

    The next spike we have especially after all this rioting and protesting in large crowds is going to be mind blowing. All this while the tweeter in chief takes a photo op at a church he doesn't go into and a bible he doesn't open without a single prayer for our country, people, or current struggles.
  5. An error 200 is a catch all code that means something went wrong but we don't know what. An example might be the parts of the file we received don't add up to the check sum value of what we expected so the file is incomplete (corrupt). Solution: re-upload the file.
  6. The Corona Virus Thread

    I'm disgusted. We bought 2 months of isolation for 7 trillion dollars but still no plan, no resources, and no solutions. Herd immunity will be built on the backs of the citizens, the hard way. Everything that's been done is talk and more division. How can anyone think this is an acceptable answer from the most blessed nation on the planet? A monkey with meat grinder could do better.
  7. Rub some mud on it.
  8. Don't forget your towel.
  9. This just in ... POTUS says the murder hornets are fake news.
  10. That's funny we were thinking the same thing about the Australians when they had that little camp fire last year.
  11. I'm going to say a full exoskeleton and flamethrower are going to be my new gardening attire.
  12. The Corona Virus Thread

    We're all counting the days we can finally rid ourselves of this administration. The abuse your state and governor have endured is unimaginable and uncalled for. It disgusts a lot of people. A monkey with an organ grinder would be better.
  13. The Corona Virus Thread

    Was this in Detroit Michigan or somewhere else in Michigan?
  14. The Corona Virus Thread

    The recommendation got sent up the chain of command to McPherson and Esper with no decision, offer, or acceptance as of yet, right? Seems like the offer is being telegraphed I think we'd all agree and it is the right thing to do for many reasons. Fucking hair plug Modly in his civilian role stepped in his ass berating Crozier like he did and I couldn't have been happier when they fired Modly almost on the spot. That was swift and brutal justice deserving of his flagrant flouting of his appointed office. You don't treat a skipper who's dedicated his entire life to Navy with that type of disrespect, I don't care who you are.
  15. The Corona Virus Thread

    It's insane and it's adding up all over the world. Insanity.
  16. The Corona Virus Thread

    This yesterday from the podium in the briefing room. **DO NOT USE SUNLIGHT OR ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT INSIDE YOUR BODY, EVER!**
  17. The Corona Virus Thread

    The Navy is testing all crew aboard the US aircraft carrier Teddy Roosevelt. Tests have been done on 94% of the 4800 crew onboard. They have found approximately 600 infected sailors aboard and 60% of those sailors (400 sailors) have no symptoms all. Read the Reuters article below. “With regard to COVID-19, we’re learning that stealth in the form of asymptomatic transmission is this adversary’s secret power,” said Rear Admiral Bruce Gillingham, surgeon general of the Navy. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-usa-military-sympt/coronavirus-clue-most-cases-aboard-u-s-aircraft-carrier-are-symptom-free-idUSKCN21Y2GB
  18. The Corona Virus Thread

    Crozier was in a tough spot. Faced with watching his crew go down one by one, being in tight quarters knowing that the other crewmen were in danger, and knowing this would change his readiness status was an untenable position. I fully understand his chain of command structure and so did he but his number one job was to maintain the TR in a state of 100% readiness. Anything that threatens that must be challenged as quickly and with as much force as necessary to remedy the situation. He was a leader doing what he was taught, take care of the men that serve beneath you that their appetite, health, and well being is cared for first. Modly stupidly emphasized exactly that in his ship wide announcement which leaves one scratching their head, he was fired for doing exactly what he trained to do with or without a command structure. The alternative may have been a crew and ship unable to defend herself let alone America. Then how would we have looked if a nuclear powered carrier was compromised to this degree. Hair plug needed to go, it was in the navy style of burying their dead at sea.
  19. The Corona Virus Thread

    I sadly don't trust the man, the people around the man, or the shady double speak. Yesterday I'm watching the pandemic update rally from the white house newsroom where he says we're going to freeze WHO funding, then 30 seconds later he says I didn't say that. I literally can't take it and now is not the time to be fucking about, he's seriously absent from leadership. The firing of the Carrier Captain day before yesterday was brutal, the announcement from that hair plug Modly that berated the captain and the crew was disgraceful. What's next and hasn't there been enough drama for one single presidency? It all needs to stop and as for research I do quite a bit of it, no single source defines what I think but standing on the podium all but prescribing drugs, false hope, promise, and the uncertainty of death is beneath everything, especially when you have credentialed doctors standing right behind you. Oh and then let's talk about this 2 TRILLION dollar cash cow sausage that got enacted. The Republican hawks in congress flipped a lid and talked all kinds of mad shit back in 2008 when they needed 900 Billion to put into shoring up banks, housing, and auto makers. This after 1.5 Trillion in a tax cut. Have my Republican brothers sold every stitch of dignity? I don't even recognize the Republican party anymore, it's like the Dems on steroids. This is all a huge charlie foxtrot and it matters not what media you read, listen to, or watch. Oh and finally one more thing, the man had three plus years to re-stock the stock pile or at least check to make sure it was stocked or not. You don't find yourself in the middle of a pandemic, that you were warned about months ago, having not even bothered to check that we're prepared for a war with a virus. Even if Obama left it depleted after Katrina. Fill the damn thing it's the taxpayer money not yours. One thing that I absolutely agree with Trump on is our American manufacturing has to come back, problem is he's done nothing to bring it back other than tax cuts which got turned into CEO bonuses, share profits, and share buy back. Yeah I'm nuts, call me stupid, call me ignorant, I don't care but I'm as American as anyone and this shit sucks no matter how you try and defend it. What ever happened to an honest man doing an honest job and treating everyone with respect? Has it all gone as an era of the past in trade for television ratings? The movie "Idiocracy" nailed it, thanks to His Holiness President Komacho! Let's give praise. Call me when it's over. I'm done.
  20. The Corona Virus Thread

    Jeanba there may be more truth to that than you know. Doctor Trump is now prescribing hydroxychloroquine, you'll laugh or cry when you learn why. https://www.forbes.com/sites/lisettevoytko/2020/04/07/trump-reportedly-holds-financial-interest-in-sanofi-french-drugmaker-of-hydroxychloroquine/#9b598401ef65
  21. The Corona Virus Thread

    That sucks. Wish he'd taken things a little more serious, though nobody deserves this so indeed hope he regains his health.
  22. The Corona Virus Thread

    Agreed. In the two week period from December 26, 2019 to January 8, 2020 when all this information was coming out of China's CDC we should have closed ALL international travel coming into the United States. Inexperience, susceptibility to conspiracy theories, and his own anger of being impeached led to classifying the intelligence as top secret and subjecting Congress' hearings to classified which had the effect of keeping the information from the people, states, municipalities, and hospitals. It was deny deny deny, hoax hoax, next democrat hoax, deny deny deny, yeah I always knew it was a pandemic. I can't think of a bigger dereliction of responsibilities and duties.
  23. The Corona Virus Thread

    It's actually worse than that. Here's a couple good reads worth knowing about. https://www.vox.com/2020/3/20/21188144/senators-dumping-stock-as-market-tanks https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2020-03-09/how-coronavirus-spread-from-patient-zero-in-seattle
  24. The Corona Virus Thread

    Much love brother, no hate, you and your family be safe and stay safe. This is our time to be the Americans we are all proud of, the head Cheeto matters not, let's just get through this alive.
  25. The Corona Virus Thread

    We're #1 Are you tired of winning yet?

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