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3rdW A-1J Skyraider, Skins and Ini Update Pak

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3rdW A-1J Skyraider, Skins and Ini Update Pak

A-1J "Skyraider" Skin and Ini Update Pak



-- For FULL-4 Merged SF2 (Prefered) and/or SF2:V =ONLY=!!!


This package contains inis, full skin and decals sets, a few weapons and a complete cockpit, to make the stock AI-only A-1J "Skyraider" flyable. While the cockpit is not 100% correct (or, more truthfully, close), it does have all the gauges working as they would be in a propeller aircraft. Until such time a a proper AD-7/A-1J pit arrives, this WILL have to suffice.


Ini edits include some enhanced AI statements, corrected ammo counts, fuel quantity, on-board countermeasures (chaff and flares for Vietnam era usage) the addition of the running/formation lights on the tail, a landing light, and a working canopy (use Shift/0 to open and close). Wingfold is NOT activated, due to odd movement and placement issues with the outer wing stores locations. At some point in the future, I'll try and get them dailed in properlly, so the wingfold will work and the weapons follow the wing.


A new 300 gallon drop tank has also been included, as the LOD lacks the nodes for built-in drop tanks as seen on other SF2 aircraft (even though called out in the data ini, it just ain't there!). And just for extra added enjoyment, the "Special Weapon", as used by VA-25 is also included. Yup, the world (in)famous Toilet Bomb.


A new SF2-style hangar screen, and a new loading screen are also included. All decals are new, with correct Modex, squadron codes and BuNums. It should be noted, that in Vietnam era squadrons (and possibly before) most Skyraider units used a mix of AD-6/7 (or A-1H/J after 1961), so these may not be fully historical, as the BuNums reflect only the one type (AD-6 or A-1H) per squadron. But the BuNums ARE 100% accurate for the models they indicate; and in the cases where photos or profile were available, the actual aircraft represented.


Skins included in this set are:


VA-25 "Fist of the Fleet", USS Coral Sea, 11/1966

VA-115 "Arabs", USS Kitty Hawk, 3/1966

VA-145 "Swordsmen",USS Intrepid 9/1967

VA-152 "Wild Aces", USS Oriskany, 8/1965


The new "A-1J.INI" has been edited to move these new skins to the top, and the original 3W "USNGray1" and "USAFCAmo1" to the bottom, making it easier to select the USN/USMC marked skins.


As always, READ the enclosed readme for full, detailed instructions. This package has been broken down into the various folders that SF2 needs/requires, to make it a LOT easier to install.


Good Hunting!


Kevin Stein


oppsy edit! I had H, when I meant J!!! Sorry! -w

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