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Von Paulus

Starpoint Gemini

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Another Russian dev I guess!

I think they are from Croatia.

James Allen from OutofEight, already commented the game in tweeter.

It seems that the game has some interesting features. I'll wait for some players reviews.

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Ditto. There are few games I buy on release, usually either sequels to games I already like or ones by a dev I trust to make good.

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The DRM (securom) was creating problems.

So they decided to remove DRM. Wise decision. Anyway, the game was already pirated.

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After 6 patches:


*Fixed issue with not getting full ship control after loading

*Initial Perk now saves as it should. Does not revert to default anymore.

*Player can no longer fill all station docks by repeating Dock command

*Increased chance of freelance mission reactivation on entering sector

*Transferring command to a captured ship now works as it should

*CTD due to missing video codec is now logged in the ActivityRecord.txt

*Player can no longer repeatedly sell a captured ship

*Fixed a bug with not being able to close in-game menu when info or trade panel was open

*FIxed level requirement for campaign missions issue

*Fixed numerous smaller glitches


*Fixed a bug with being unable to dock on TGates and stations

*Fixed a bug where pressing the home key during the opening sequence caused the game to crash

*Intro sequence can now be skipped by pressing the spacebar key

*Fixed an exploit with Research freelance missions (multiple scans)

*Slightly rebalanced AI maneuver usage

*Fixed a bug where passing through a TGate would spawn the player off the map boundaries

*Fixed a bug with player bouncing off obstacles in TDrive

*Game can no longer be saved during docking or undocking

*Updated Activity recording


*When you change ship, Grappling beam and transporter are now re-equipped.

*Fixed a bug where active fighters didn't get flushed from memory when changing maps.

*Sector Zero is now inaccessible, until required otherwise.

*Fixed target lock instability after loading.

*Fixed a bug concerning Captains log, with possible issues appearing when Log was filled to the max and Freelance missions get reactivated.

*When docking/undocking HUD is now deactivated.

*When docking/undocking shortcuts are now deactivated.

*Gemini map shortcut now opens and closes the panel.

*Fixed a bug where shortcuts could be triggered while typing a save game name.

*Fixed various bugs in the Options panel

*Fixed a bug where launching fighters in a sector with max ship numbers could cause CTD.

*Ships that must be destroyed by quest will now self destruct when captured.

*Various errors fixed in texts and panels.

*Power to Shields maneuver increases Shield recharge by 15%,25%,35% per level and reduces Speed and Weapons reload by 7%,10%,13%.

*Power to Weapons maneuver speeds up Reload by 15%,25%,35% per level and reduces Speed and Shield recharge by 7%,10%,13%.

*Power to Engines maneuver raises speed by 40%,70%,100% per level and reduces Reload and Shield recharge by 20%,25%,30%.

*Transport range is now accurately taken into account when attempting transport.

*Transport is now interrupted when exiting Transport range (except when boarding ships)

*Fixed a bug where switching target lock while transporting switched transport target as well.

*Fixed a bug where capturing a ship didn't automatically end when the capture target died.

*Fixed a bug where ships would respawn instantly.

*Fixed a bug where player could get attacked while docked.

*Fixed a bug where captured ship could not be destroyed.

*Fixed a bug where all station docks could be filled while attempting docking during combat.

*AI allies will no longer attack a ship player has captured.

*Fixed numerous smaller bugs.


*Implemented free rotation camera (press and hold MMB + mouse movement; tapping MMB reverts to default camera)

*Fixed a number of bugs related to Search and destroy freelance missions

*Tutorial can now be skipped

*Saving now stores Commodities and Systems available on stations in the current sector

*Made changes to enemy AI

*Fixed a bug where player’s ship model would double after loading

*Fixed several smaller bugs


Review from Outof Eight: http://www.outofeight.info/2010/12/starpoint-gemini-review.html


I haven't tried it yet but it seems to be getting better.


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