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Lockheed P-38L - Cuerpo de Aviacion del Ejército de Cuba

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Lockheed P-38L - Cuerpo de Aviacion del Ejército de Cuba

Lockheed P-38L Lightning - Cuerpo de Aviacion del Ejército de Cuba -

Forgotten Lightnings Part 3

---skin for P-38L by Wolf257---

size: 2048x2048 (main .bmp, others in 512x512 and 256x256)


P-38L included into Wolf257's WWII Aircrafts Pack:



-------------------Historical notes-----------

The CAEC (Cuerpo de Aviacion del Ejército de Cuba) received six P-38L, after signing the Rio Treaty (1947).

The Lightnings were delivered on August 1948, and were assigned to Escuadron de Persecucion.




121 c/n 422-8355 44-53100, NC67849

122 c/n -------- 43-50312, NL5016N

123 c/n 422-8262 44-27258, NX67863

124 c/n 422-8337 44-53082, NX62805

125 c/n 422-8149 44-27145 -------

126 c/n -------- 43-50310, NC75666


(Source: http://www.aeroflight.co.uk/ )



Unzip the skin in a temporany folder.

Drop the "CAEC" folder in your P-38L installation



(remember: backup originals files!)


1:Open P-38L_data.ini and change:


ServiceEndYear=1945 to ServiceEndYear=1958


save and close.


The last Lightning flew in 1958, with Fuerza Aérea Hondureña...



Templates: by me, but based upon original Wolf257's skin.

Wrench's 80th FS "Uncle Cy's Angel" skin, for correct position of nose and fuselage antiglare panels.

Note: 38gascap.tga and 38gascap2.tga made by Wolf257.


-------Thanks to:---------

ErikGen, Nghengo, Spillone104, Steve S, Paulopanz for support and suggest.



This skin is release under Freeware Licensing aka Fair User Terms. Simply 3 rules:

1. The work may not be used in payware projects or in projects that will not be freely distributed under these same terms.

2. You must give proper credit in your readme file.

3. If feasible, include the original readme along with your new mod.


For more informations, check this topics: http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=26131



Somewhere in North Sardinia, Italy

September 2010


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1st downloader!




Thank you!!! :drinks:

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