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Capitaine Vengeur

70 and 60 years ago on this September 15

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On September 15, 1940, the Royal Air Force repulsed one of the more massive onslaught from the Luftwaffe over the skies of Southeast England, in an effort that proved to be decisive on Hitler's decision to postpone the invasion of the British Isles. 60 German agressors and 26 RAF fighters were shot down that day (13 RAF pilots KIA). This day has been chosen to be commemorated as the Battle of Britain Day in the UK.


On September 15, 1950, General McArthur launched a massive landing at Incheon, not far away from the crucial network of Seoul, vital for the North Korean Army ventured deeply on the South Korean soil. A risky gamble that proved to be profitable, but poorly exploited afterwards. It was the biggest invasion by sea from the end of WW2 to that day. Saddam hussein expected a bigger one in February 1991, but has been deliberately deceived.


One defensive victory for the last square of Freedom facing subjugated Europe, one offensive victory for the first military reaction of UN forces to a rogue state. Ten years exactly from one occurence to the other. I think this day has something special. Happy 70th and 60th commemorations to both. :salute:

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Maximum respect to the Airmen of yesteryear :salute:



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