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Fokker E.V "Flying Razor" in OFF

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Just checked, which Staffeln got the Fokker E.V (later named Fokker D.VIII), and for how long they had it.

If you want to fly a Campaign in 1918, and to fly this craft in it; here are some data:


Jasta 1 1. - 19. August


Jasta 6 30. Juli - 19. August


Jasta 8 6. - 20. August


Jasta 19 26. Juli - 20. August


Jasta 24 11. - 19. August


Jasta 36 15. August - 17. September


MFJ 1 10. - 19. August


MFJ 2 10. - 19. August


MFJ 3 11. - 19. August


Seefrosta 1 12. - 27. August


(I'm not saying that these are all Staffeln using the E.V, but should be almost all)


Edit: Then I just found, that in OFF the von Richthofen-Staffel receives the Fokker D.VIII:


Jasta 11 24. October - 11. November

Edited by Olham

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Guest British_eh

Good points uncleal,

And some good work with regards to Olham keeping us up to date. Speaking of, I'm going to let the cat out of the bag. Olham is working on a new SIA - OFF Pilot primers for a German machine. It looks very good, and there will be an additional bonus for ........!



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Thank you Herr Olham!..... I wanted to know where those Little buggers are, for when my Snipe closes for the Kill!!! :drinks:

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(House of Parliament-style:) "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!"


I had overlooked Jasta 8, and Jasta 11 getting the overhauled version Fokker D.VIII for the last two weeks.

I have added them above.

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