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This is modification of great Aeritalia G.91Y Yankee by Enrico "erikgen" Gennari.


"The G.91YS is a variant of the -Y developed specially

for the Swiss Air Force requirement for a Hunter replacement.

Essentially an extra wing pylon has been fitted for

carrying Sidewinder missiles." FLIGHT International, 29 April 1971.


Unfortunately Swiss Air Force preferred the Northrop F-5 and G.91YS stayed on prototype only.


Pair of IRM (Sidewinders) increase actionability of this superb aircraft and evolve to multirole purpose.


There are two skins inside pack: Italian Prototipo - historical; & Swiss based on stock skin with Hunter decals - fictional (what if).


Instalation is same like Yankee (original readme included) + fakepilot method + extra pylon (G91ys_pylon).


Credits goes to:


- Enrico "erikgen" Gennari for 3d, skins, pit , blood and tears & awesome aircraft.


- kreelin for FM


- Spillone104 for the jet sound, photos and SFP1 conversion


- Swiss skin decals by Muesli from his Alp-Hunters.


- FakePilot method by FastCargo



-> Special Thanks to COCAS for made new pylon specially for this mod! <-



Rest: skins, ini works and other changes by me.


Freeware licence.


Michal Minta



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