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  1. AMI RT-33A questions

    Carlo, i found these serials for AMI's RT-33A: 53-5222,53-5238/5239,53-5322,53-5350,53-5396,53-5430,53-5525,53-5539,53-5579,53-5587,53-5594,53-5631,53-5668,53-5795.
  2. It's Spillone104's Birthday!

    Auguri Alex, buon compleanno. :drinks:
  3. Congratulations Cadetebra

    Happy Birthday Bro!
  4. Interesting guests

    Thanks for the answer Florian. The Buchon should be based on a G2 frame.
  5. Interesting guests

    Are they replicas ... or real ones quite late?
  6. Is Stary Getting old?

    Happy Birthday Stary! :drinks:
  7. another picture thread..

    All you love is need ...?
  8. Been Out

    Dave, my best wishes for a good and speedy recovery for your Dad.
  9. Happy Birthday to Column5 and Crab_02!

    Happy Birthday, Don and Dave!
  10. Kevin´s Turn

    Happy birthday Kevin.
  11. Production

  12. Incompetent, and a coward

    Thank you for your answer Cap Vengeur. Good point, I dont like those mega cruise ships for your same reason also i cant understand the logic of a ship made in order to give you the feeling you are in a luxury village resort insted of on a ship. Yes there are many guilty people for this tragedy ... who did the dangerous manouver, who did nothing to avoid this and who did place all this untrained and unprofessional people on the ship. My question is: how deeper are verifications to test professionality of crews? How many other situations potentially dangerous like this are floating/flying around the world and simply had better fortune?
  13. Incompetent, and a coward

    It's true , a huge infamy for Italy. I have not heard about this bad people who asked money to the survivors or refused to help them but honestly i didnt read or heard everything about the disaster ... for sure i heard about peoples who thanked the citizens of island of Giglio and the Coastal Guard crews for the help during the passengers rescue. Me too i am disgusted and sad for what happened and i am also disgusted when peolpe start to take easy and generic conclusions about an entire community/nation because someone (how many realy?) did something wrong. Too many peoples are died;avoid these easy and useless sentences , please.
  14. I agree with Jug, with a service ceiling of about 22000 meters, 30k meters seems a good scale to me ... and the little number (2221) in the lower part of the instrument could be the barometric pressure, typical of an altimeter.

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