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Jasta Boelcke D.VII's

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Well as you can see I used the D.VII skin that Hansa posted several months ago. I must admit it's a nice skin to work with. I think it's from ROF though. Either way it looks good. The lozenge isnt very historic in it's coloring. Too dull and not enough color. I might have a go at fixing it a bit before I post these. I was thinking about making a Jasta Boelcke campaign. I have enough Alb DIII's, Alb D.V's, Fokker Dr.1's, and now D.VII's to make a nice long campaign. The D.I and D.II are really rough to work with. Sinbad knows:grin: .


Anyway, here are some D.VII's of Jasta B in mid to late summer 1918. 90% of the pilots are unknown (shame) and the skins are as accurate as I could see them.


post-33545-087119200 1286556423.jpgpost-33545-055774600 1286556428.jpgpost-33545-063089600 1286556434.jpgpost-33545-056387400 1286556439.jpgpost-33545-033186700 1286556445.jpgpost-33545-072299500 1286556450.jpg

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I just edited the Jasta B D.VII download today. I fixed the rudder crosses on all these skins. The crosses are now a bit bigger and extend onto the tail fin. For all of you that already downloaded these...sorry. I've been rushing to get things done. I have to get back to work next week. So I've been doing what I can. I'm not going away. Just going to be busy for a couple of weeks.

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