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Vietnam Era Sounds Mod Pack for SF2V

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Vietnam Era Sounds Mod Pack for SF2V

This mod will add music and other surprises to your SF2V install. The goal is to ENHANCE your 1960's Air War Vietnam experience and provide a little historical background. A read me file for installation is provided. Enjoy and listen carefully for surprises....Hanoi Hannah may have something to say ....:)


Tested on stand alone SF2V with the Gold Expansion Pack installed.


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Just downloaded and extracted (not installed yet) - COOL, what's in there.:drinks:

And indeed - although I pretty much like Jimi - for my taste that Hanger-tune is a bit "over the top" in the game; so thanks as well for the alternative...


Question: can I delete some of those wav's without harm and the game will "automatically" switch back to the standard ones, or will that interfere with the INI's (original or supplied here)?



Special thanks for:

- Loading +++ (of course!!!)

- Debriefkilled +++ (always LOVED that one!)

- Credits ++

- DebriefFail ++

- SingleMissionScreen ++

- DebriefSuccess +

- HangarRadio1 +

- PlanningMapScreen +



And that map adds a lot to the atmosphere, too...


Now let's see how this mod goes with(in) the game.....

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GLAD you like the effect!! I couldn't bear the modern rock music jingles on a game about Vietnam! You can delete or put whatever WAV file (music,speeches and the like) you want....as long as you use the same name ( example: HangarScreen.wav). on whatever file you put in. You could also change the config file like the example below to make the background music whatever wav. file you want as long as it (and any other additions) placed into the MENU folder in the mods area (NOT THE MAIN GAME FILES in Program Files area)....don't monkey in that tree...:} Hope that helps....Champ





















BackgroundMusic=HangarRadio1.wav <------------------------------------------HERE IT IS!!!


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OH YEAH....if you just delete the wav. file.....the game will NOT>...repeat NOT put the original music back on. You will be listening to a tune called "Sounds of Silence". Make sure to back up the original music wav.'s somewhere. I keep a 8GB flash drive for all my back up files.

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