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"Rolling Thunder" Animated Film?

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Hey guys,


In a few weeks i will be getting a new graphics card so i can get back to video making. One thing that has been on my mind is my desire to make a story about the missions and pilots of Operation Rolling Thunder during the Vietnam war. In the past i had planned to make several short animated films combining japanese style animation and game graphics from the Strike Fighters series, however inconsistency with the animators (mind you i couldnt pay them much) and the introduction of Strike Fighters 2 forced me to shelve the project.


Now im planning to use clips from a finished animated film "Area 88" use certain scenes that would fit into my storyline, dub the voices, then combine it with footage taken from Strike Fighters 2: Vietnam. Im going to also use the SFV2 Gold expansion pack for the project.


In a week ill make the early draft if the script available to the combatace,com community and it will be up to the community whether or not i go ahead with my plans.


The focus aircraft will be the F-100 Super Sabre.


The story will focus more on Rolling Thunder the operation and i will try to base the story on key missions of the time.


Characters thus far:


The central unit is the 416th TFS of the 5652nd TFW based in Da Nang, characters however are of fiction


-Lt. James "Starry" Hicks

A veteran pilot who has two MiG-17 kills, he is an accomplished flight leader with over 20 combat sorties experienced. Subsequent problems of conduct have kept him from being promoted to Captain.


-Capt. Steve "Burner" Johnson

Starry's flight leader. A graduate of Harvard, joined the USAF due to tradition. A no nonsense officer, he constantly puts up with Starry shenanigans off base.


-Colonel Thomas "Gramps" McDonald

*Based on Colonel Robert Olds

An aviator since the days of World War 2, Gramps is the most experienced pilot of the wing. Though is not required flight time, Gramps leads missions into North Vietnam and is an inspiration to the pilots under him.


These are the characters thus far. Im open to comments and suggestions. Thanks for the support.

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Sounds like a very interesting idea - I would certainly look forward to such a scenario :good:

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