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Soundlist.ini help

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I am messing around with the soundlist.ini file and i need some help. I cant really find anything in the KB. If i have missed something plz tell me.

Anyways, i need help with what some of the values mean and do. Most of them i can understand but for example the NumBuffers i have no clue what it does.

Another question is how is the soundlist.ini file related to the soundfolder. For example if i add a new engine sound to the MirageIII do i have to add an entry into the soundlist.ini or do i just drop the file into the soundfolder and edit the mirage_data.ini?


This is all that i can think of for now. Ive been hitting my head all morning over this trying to figure it all out :heat:

Thank you! :drinks:














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Hi have you tried my sound mod? and if you want to change the engine sound you just need to change it in the aircraft data hope this helps


No i have not Sir. What does it do?

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