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  1. Ooops a jet pranged in China...

    And once again the moderators feel the need to censor what i said. Did i say something wrong? Some are disrespectful towards someone that lost their life. Sure if this was Osama or hitler whatever but its a pilot that has done nothing wrong to any of you. So why the hell did i get censored? I say screw combatace. I am out of here. This community has lost everything that was fun about it, a love for everything aviation without a freaking nation code on the wing. It was fun as long as it lasted. If someone can please tell me how to delete my account i would appreciate it a lot.
  2. Two Englishmen teach us about jets!

    I just love his descriptions and names of the planes hehe :P
  3. Burglars Beware

    I honestly dont see why a person that attacks another should have any rights. I mean the burglar of course. He made the choice to hold this man at knife point and it cost him his life. IF you ask me as soon as he took that choice of threatening another persons life he lost all his rights.
  4. The grey one looks AWESOME! Should be called the Grey Fox! ;) MGS anyone?
  5. Those evil videogames...

    Apple can..
  6. Soulman: Best angle in a screenshot EVER! EVER EVER EVER!
  7. Are those bumpmaps i see on those f-104s?
  8. OT Braveheart

    Acts of anger and hate are committed in every conflict. I can only speak from my personal experience. In the Balkans the Serbs killed hundreds of thousands of civilians, we all know this. mass murder, ethnic cleansing. Once this got out to the soldiers of the other side they started committing the same crimes, sure not to the same degree and scale but they are still hideous crimes. In war nobody is without blood on their hands.
  9. FTL travel may be possible, afterall...

    If the detector is dense and sensitive enough then some neutrinos are bound to hit another particle in that detector. Well eventually it might happend. The thing is you have to see when that happens.
  10. FTL travel may be possible, afterall...

    So if traveling faster than light makes it possible to travel trough time do these particles travel forward in time or backwards?? Then again the argument that time travel is possible comes from Einsteins theory so why would time travel be possible if his theory ends up being wrong?
  11. Pre-ordered Ace Combat Assault Horizon Today

    You are not alone. I feel the same way. Total let down.

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