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  1. Hi just tried Voice attack free version and I've got to say it works fine for all my radio commands :)
  2. Some new trees would be nice but a rework of current ones to remove floating line above them would be a great improvement..
  3. The latest build of my cockpit .New x-55 rhino and on-board audio right side .Left panel updated new switches.. :)
  4. Crap i blinked and missed summer lol
  5. English weather cold grey and wet. Roll on the summer
  6. Yes goto C:\User\Saved Games\Thirdwire\Strike Fighters2 open say Strikefighters2 europe and change it in the "options" config save and done...
  7. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all here at combatace :)
  8. Jack33 look for my afterburner-mod in downloads
  9. Hi start the sim set up controls close sim then go to controls ini and change file to read only .To stop it over writing ..
  10. Field of View

    Hi try this on default is set at 120 deg zooming to 160 deg on F2 VIEWLIST.INI
  11. Field of View

    Hi yes you can change it in the veiwlist.ini . Try this one its set to 120 deg remember to rename your old one ...ps you may wont to try my cockpit view mod in downloads. VIEWLIST.INI
  12. Hi yes all works ok i have a new system running windows 10 and ryzen 5 2400g
  13. I think it was Rends Germany..
  14. F-111 Afterburners available here > https://combatace.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=169781
  15. Hi if i remember rightly its the RollingRadius= try increasing it .

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