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  1. I think you could get round this by having a lod with ten trees instead of just one tree ?
  2. The Afterburner Mod

  3. GermanyCE Buildings

  4. Hi I just installed 16.9.2 all working fine for me.
  5. Stary's Kamchatka update..looks great
  6. Stary this works for me looks great .Can you do this to the standard terrains ?
  7. Hi try this mod http://combatace.com/files/file/10720-cockpit-engine-sound-mod/ + this windloop.wav Windloop.wav
  8. How do i edit lod

    Thanks guys i got it done
  9. Hi i have a quick question how do i edit a lod to change the call for Gunpod.jpeg to Gunpod-black.jpeg..
  10. Looking awesome so stop with the teasing
  11. Hi everyone thought i'd start a topic about home made (build) cockpits has i've just updated mine .So some info on mine it's modular the sides and the top interlock there a bass speaker fixed under front . Two 6x9 speakers mounted one each side 32 inch screen 1920x1080 at 75hz .The right panel is fake photo's laminated and stuck down The left panel is a real working panel i made myself .This panel has working gear lever and lights buttons for jettison tanks ,AA AG weapons ,emc ,brakes ,lights,speed brake ,hook ,chaff and flares...hope you like it
  12. Engine sounds

    Hi if you get my cockpit sound mod it will modify to a more real 3d sound and mod the windloop to radio chatter..

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