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  1. Try changing the tga to glass in the skin folder then You wont see it ! .
  2. Nice to see you back we have been here a good few years :)
  3. Hi is there any help/advice for running sf2 in 4k So far ive manage to get it running ok and the loading bar moved. [LoadingScreen] BackgroundImage=LoadingScreen1.JPG BackgroundImageSize=3840,2160 TextFontName=Arial TextSize=10 TextFontColor=250,250,250 TextFile=LoadingText.str LoadingTextStringID=TXT_FLT_LOADING PercentTextStringID=TXT_FLT_LOADING_PERCENT ProgressBarRange=100 ProgressBarRect=400,2080,3440,2120 StreamAudio= FadeTime=0.2
  4. About the nearest I will get to a Greek holiday this year ..
  5. Hi yes it's part of the afterburner mod I did years ago .You find some other colours too . Nice aircraft :)
  6. Well I recognised the burner !
  7. Hi Wrench i found a small problem with the rocket mount shadows . Is there a fix for this :)
  8. Looking at other twin engine aircraft they have there's set to . LightSrcOffset=-0.07,0.07,0.0
  9. Try this :) https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/6623158
  10. Try increasing the RollingRadius= in data ,landing gear .
  11. Lock down boredom has meant I have been working on the new cockpit..
  12. Hawk Fuel tanks

    That works but now the Gray one does not show in the load out list .I did not have all this trouble when it did the black gun pod !
  13. Hawk Fuel tanks

    "GOD DAM IT" still not showing up..:(
  14. Hawk Fuel tanks

    Thank you .looking forward to updates :)
  15. Hi can someone please tell me why oh why this fuel tank wont show up in load list ? I need a black tank ! bk51TANK.bmp Tank100_Black_SHs1g.LOD Tank100_Mk51_Black.INI Tank100_Mk51_Black_data.INI

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