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  1. Hawk Fuel tanks

    That works but now the Gray one does not show in the load out list .I did not have all this trouble when it did the black gun pod !
  2. Hawk Fuel tanks

    "GOD DAM IT" still not showing up..:(
  3. Hawk Fuel tanks

    Thank you .looking forward to updates :)
  4. Hi can someone please tell me why oh why this fuel tank wont show up in load list ? I need a black tank ! bk51TANK.bmp Tank100_Black_SHs1g.LOD Tank100_Mk51_Black.INI Tank100_Mk51_Black_data.INI
  5. The latest update thrustmaster mfd's and a sound bar hope to rebuild cockpit frame when the world gets back to normal :)
  6. Hi Russouk Guns not loading here's the fix [Fuselage] SystemName[014]=Gun1 SystemName[015]=Gun2 Hi Ho Silver Away :)
  7. lol if you look at the first picture the black line is above the eye !
  8. The eyes are upside down ?
  9. Hi here the latest update on my pit 9" chopped off back new mfd's new clocks and dials coming soon made a vesa mount for speakers..
  10. I already have a lot off sf2 down loads but this is a steal for all the stuff i dont have so i just had to buy it ...:)
  11. Hi just tried Voice attack free version and I've got to say it works fine for all my radio commands :)

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