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WW1 Palestine Terrain

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WW1 Palestine Terrain

WW1 Palestine Terrain For First Eagles 2



This is a modification of my WW2 modificaton of Gepard's modern "Suez" terrain, backdated (once again!) for use in WW1 with the approximate timeframe of 1914-1918. It is designed ONLY for FE2, as it takes advantage of the DX10 shaders and such. It may be possible to use in FE/FEG, but this has NOT been tested, and is NOT reccomended. Without some editing to the terrain's data ini (as it's been updated to NextGen standards), it will most likely 'have issues'. Those VERY familiar with terrain ini editing are welcomed to try; you can, however, expect NO support from me. You're on your own...


This terrain REQUIRES the Desert terrain cat (or equlivant) to be present in your FE2 core install's /Terrains folder. -IT WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT IT!!- It has been tested with both the 1stGen SF Desert and extensivelly with SF2's Desert cat. You MUST have either SF or SF2 to copy the Desert terrain cat to you FE2 install. More details are in the "To Install" and "Selecting the Proper Terrain Cat" sections.


The targets and types inis have been extensively edited for to (hopefully) remove most of the 1940s-era items, and all the airfields have been replaced with stock WW1 types. The game-generated parking slots have also been edited to increase the number of parked aircraft (Unlimited Ground Objects setting only). While not a perfectly historical map some 'suspension of disbelief' will be required for play. As is true with all games...


There are several Ground_Attack routes for Army Co-Operation missions, as well as plenty for truck routes for Armed Recons. If shipping ever gets turned back on in First Eagles, there are shipping routes as well. However, there ARE several docked ships, and some 'convoy stations' for Strike missions (again, with these ittybitty bombs, don't expect to sink Naval vessels). Campaign builders, feel free to make whatever changes necessary to fix any an all errors I've created <grin>. Unlike my WW2 mods, I didn't research this one as intensely.

New planning maps have been generated, but these are 'plain', with no cities or aerodromes shown; just the land and sea.


Several new(ish) GroundObjects are included (ships for the most part), and several new guns for said ships, as well as 2 modified data inis for Geo's French 75 and German 77 mm artillery guns. Yes, they DO work! Weither they hit anything or not.....<grin>. It is also HIGHLY suggested you wander over to Geo's site and get the original WW1 objects, as they'll be needed here. Link is below


Geo's WW1 Ground Object Paks available at his site:




You might also want any other ground objects that are available, such as infantry or whathaveyous.


As always, it's reccomended you unzip this to a temp folder somewhere's thats easy to find. This will give you access to the rest of the readme for full, detailed install instructions.


Follow these instructions herein =EXACTLY= and you should have no problems. It's HIGHLY reccomended you READ this document completly through before installing this mod. As always, there's the usual "Notes" section for notes, explinations, clarifications and demystificatons.


Good Hunting!


Kevin Stein


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