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Italian AMX for Strike Fighters 2 Upgraded/Modernised

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Italian AMX for Strike Fighters 2 Upgraded/Modernised

Italian AMX for Strike Fighters 2 Upgraded







-Year specific versions to reflect the major upgrade of the Italian AMX to give it a modern cockpit/avionics and improved smart weapons such as JDAM


-Modernized weapons capability and load out files


-Modernized cockpit with MFD and HUD


-High and low visibility markings


-Extensive RWR.TGA files and updated RWR.LST


-All weapons from load out file included ( most are from MGunny's Ordnance Shop II for SF2 )




INSTILATION: Drop files in to appropriate folders, override when asked to.



NOTE: Has only been tested/used in a merged install of ALL SF2 titles




Credit: pcpilot


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