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  1. Updated A-4KU F-4E updated to ravenclaw_007 and co's F-4E Phantom II - ARN (86) plus modifications to allow the unique inner left wing pylon arrangement the 3rd TFW F-4E's used to allow the carriage of Sidewinders and laser guided bombs. (In ODS they only used CBU-87 as thier Pave Track pods were late arriving in theater). The last screen shot is a LGB/ AIM-9 loadout from Exercise Gunsmoke 1989. ShowAnyWeapon=TRUE Avionics mod to allow A/G CCIP gun piper for bombs and retain all other normal F-4E Avionics60.dll functions. F/A-18D Hornet 'Fast FAC' using latest LOD and textures at combatace F-16A Blk 10 Fighting Falcon avionics, FM, cockpit and textures updated to the latest Team Viper standards. Loadout includes the use the GPU-5A 30mm gunpod for the first few days of ODS. CF-18 Updated to latest LOD and textures etc plus new pilot.
  2. 1950's USN Carrier Air Wing 'Sunday Punch' v USN Carrier fleet (war gaming) 12 x AD-4 Skyraider - (Ship) Strike 12 x F4U-4 Corsair - (Ship) Strike 12 x F4U-4B Corsair - (Ship) SEAD 12 x F9F-2 Panther - (Ship) SEAD 12 x F9F-2 Panther - Escort Verse 1 x Essex (1950) class Aircraft Carrier (Long hull) 1 x Atlanta Class Cruiser 4 x Fletcher Class Destroyer 4 x Allen M. Sumner class Destroyer 12 x F9F-2 Panther - Intercept 12 x F9F-2 Panther - CAP
  3. So what shows are you hooked on?

    I second Vikings! I got really hooked on Manhatton but it was cancelled after season 2 😣. It' a dramatized show on Netflix about two science teams at Los Amos in the 1940's racing to prove their a-bomb designs. Shameless is so bad it's good. Me and the wife started watching that one way before it was 'cool' lol Narcos is another really good Netflix show especially season one.
  4. Post any feedback, fixes, problems, suggestions, help here please. This is NOT the finished mod just BETA testing of the campaigns and functioning as a stand alone install.
  5. Cheers, in terms learning myself what was wrong with the other ones?
  6. For serious constructive BETA testing of the campaigns please guys as its not a finished product :) StrikeFighters2 KAW68.7z Objects.7z Aircraft.7z ***** You will need to delete my options.ini and version.ini files as i forgot to before I uploaded. ***** Notes. SAM sites: This terrain does not correctly set up Red or Blue SAM sites. As a work around there is a SA-2 launcher set up as ‘static AAA’ that has its own built in Fansong search/ tracking radar and 5x missiles. The same thing has also been done with a MIM-14 Nike Hercules 4x missile battery. Nuclear weapons: There are no offensive tactical nuclear weapons however the South Korean Nike Hercules missiles are equipped with 2kt nuclear warheads as they would have been at the time. Also the F-106A and F-102A utilise the nuclear 1.5kt AIR-2A and 250t AIM-26A missiles respectively by default on an ‘intercept’ mission. Falcon Missiles: The stock TW AIM-4D Falcon has had its performance data dumbed down in order (I presume) to represent its poor performance when used by the F-4D Phantom in the game. However the reason the Falcon missile performed so badly when used by the F-4D was more to do with it being used outside its engagement parameters and the complex/ lengthy manual firing process the F-4D could only used. When used as designed by the fire control computer (FCS) of the F-102A/ F-106A and fired within its parameters (the FCS assisted the pilot with this) the Falcon was as effective as any other missile system of the era. In fact the IR seeker of the AIM-4D/ AIM-4G was the best on any IR missile until the AIM-9L was developed. As such I have corrected the data for all the Falcon missiles. To simulate the difficulty of manually preparing and firing an AIM-4D Falcon missile by a F-4D I have included the 6 second release delay in a specific AIM-4D used only by the F-4D Phantom in the game. F-106A: The AIM-4G station is not internal it is external so the AI will still engage with the missile as the AI will not use an internal IRM. I have the weapon doors set to manual opening. I also have a unique versions of both the AIM-4F and AIM-4G that combines the statistics of two missiles so it has the same kill probability of ripple firing two missiles as one. This is because the F-106A could ONLY fire its AIM-4 missiles in similar pairs. I use these missiles for the AI aircraft since as the player you can manually ripple fire two of the standard missiles at a time etc you just have to change your loadout at the loadout screen. In short the F-106A could fire a salvo of 2x AIM-4F, a salvo of 2x AIM-4G and a single AIR-2A Genie. To simulate this with the AI aircraft there is a single missile (AIM-4F_2_1) that represents the salvo firing of 2x AIM-4F and another missile (AIM-4G_2_1) that represents the salvo firing of two AIM-4G. F-102A: Same story as above with the F-106A and its Falcon missiles except the F-102A carried and fired its missiles in three’s. E.g. 3x AIM-4D on the rear rails all fired at once and 3x AIM-4A on the front rails all fired at once. However when carrying an AIM-26A/B it replaced one of the AIM-4A Falcons on the front centre rail. This means the F-102A could fire a single AIM-26A/B, a salvo of three AIM-4D, a salvo of two AIM-4A and its unguided FFAR rockets. Once again to simulate this with the AI aircraft there is a single missile (AIM-4D_3_1) that represents the salvo firing of 3x AIM-4D and another missile (AIM-2A_2_1) that represents the salvo firing of two AIM-4A.
  7. Anyone with campaign modding experience want to beta test? Although I have adapted and edited one of the KAW campaigns it' still the first one I have ever done.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. I'm sticking with the units that were historically deployed to Korea as part of Operation Combat Fox and Formation Star. http://www.osan.af.mil/News/Article/406841/operation-combat-fox-the-usaf-response/ https://wikivisually.com/wiki/User:Marcd30319/Operation_Formation_Star
  10. It' a bit to early for Skyhawks and I don't think Vampires and Canberras would fair to well! Lol

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