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  1. The seat and pilot disappear as the stock TW ejection effect and camera angle are from the pilots perspective after ejecting. Hence you are the pilot sitting on the seat. That is why you see the aircraft and separated canopy disappear off below you.
  2. Try this, provided the seat node name is correct the seat will disappear with the canopy when you eject. [XXX] SystemName=Pilot SystemName=EjectionSeat [Pilot] SystemType=PILOT_COCKPIT Position=0.0,3.10,0.9 PilotModelName=HGU26AW.lod SeatModelName= SeatPosition= MinExtentPosition=-0.25,2.86,-0.22 MaxExtentPosition= 0.25,3.87, 1.00 CanopyNodeName=Canopy_Main [EjectionSeat] SystemType=PILOT_COCKPIT Position=0.0,0.0,0.0 PilotModelName=FakePilot SeatModelName= SeatPosition= SeatID=2 Mass=0 MinExtentPosition= MaxExtentPosition= CanopyNodeName=seat_frame
  3. F-111D had a HUD and CCIP bombing mode. Get it here: Or here: (Ignore the what if Israeli skin)
  4. Out of curiosity how do you know?
  5. Ah got you now, shame as thought I had found a fix
  6. Any more detailed info on how to get this to work guys? I have tried with a HUD shoot/ in range cue for the F-15C but it only appears once the target is at the 'break x' range. So the 'AwayImageFilename=' tga image is not showing up when the radar target is in range of the selected missile.
  7. I have the KT030 and MT030 nuclear effects, all of the KTxxx and MTxxx infact as a package. I'm not home till tomorrow but will upload them here when I can.
  8. F-8 Crusader TACMAN

    Please share it you get your hands on, what an interesting read I bet!
  9. Use mules lod viewer in the downloads section
  10. First make sure the figures in BRU-55 data.ini you have can carry the weight and dimensions of the 2x JDAM in question. A 2br or ter will not carry a GPS guided weapon (EOGB) if loaded at the loadout screen. However if loaded via the loadout.ini file and not changed at the loadout screen it will. Eg: Loadout[03].WeaponType=GBU-38 Loadout[03].Quantity=2 Loadout[03].RackType=BRU-55
  11. Re sizing the tracer textures 50% or 25% smaller can go long way to help this
  12. Out of curiosity what do you think it would be worth market rate if he were to sell it to CA?
  13. For a gunpod you do don't need change a thing just hit the 'next gun group' key and it will toggle between just the gunpod, just the internal gun or both together (default). Gungroup comes into it when you have 4 of the same internal gun as on the F-8 and want to toggle between being able to fire just two at a time.

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