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  1. F-8 Crusader TACMAN

    Please share it you get your hands on, what an interesting read I bet!
  2. Use mules lod viewer in the downloads section
  3. First make sure the figures in BRU-55 data.ini you have can carry the weight and dimensions of the 2x JDAM in question. A 2br or ter will not carry a GPS guided weapon (EOGB) if loaded at the loadout screen. However if loaded via the loadout.ini file and not changed at the loadout screen it will. Eg: Loadout[03].WeaponType=GBU-38 Loadout[03].Quantity=2 Loadout[03].RackType=BRU-55
  4. Re sizing the tracer textures 50% or 25% smaller can go long way to help this
  5. Out of curiosity what do you think it would be worth market rate if he were to sell it to CA?
  6. For a gunpod you do don't need change a thing just hit the 'next gun group' key and it will toggle between just the gunpod, just the internal gun or both together (default). Gungroup comes into it when you have 4 of the same internal gun as on the F-8 and want to toggle between being able to fire just two at a time.
  7. Apologies as you are 100% right this changes between gun pod only, internal gun only or both together. It even worked on the F-8 to switch from firing all 4 cannons to just two at a time as they did in real life to conserve ammo. I see there is a GunGroup= entry that can be used with each internal gun, just give it a group number. How did I not know this!!! And of course it allows to to switch between cannons and/ or machine guns on WWII fighters... mind blown lol
  8. The only work around is to change the gun fire command for your internal gun to "InputName=Fire_Secondary_Gun" in the data.ini and map the secondary gun fire button. Downside is the AI wingmen wont use/fire a secondary gun.
  9. I just flew a few tests in ODS with the GAU-13 gun accuracy down to 10% I would consider the results below an area weapon. Enlarge the screenshots and look at the spread of fire hitting the ground. Each one is a 1-1.5 second burst. My ODS F-16A Block 10 with improved textures, cockpit, avionics, loadouts, effects and updated data.ini (to viper team standards)
  10. Try adjusting the 'Accuracy= ' value of the actual gun [GunData001] TypeName=30MM_GAU13 FullName=30mm GAU-13/A Cannon Caliber=30.000000 ROF=2400.000000 MuzzleVel=1030.000000 AmmoWt=0.360000 WarheadWt=0.036000 CartridgeWt=0.739000 Reliability=100.000000 Accuracy=50.000000 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Try 25? or even lower and see what happens. AddLight=TRUE MaxLightRange=1200.000000 FireColor=0.500000,0.450000,0.320000 GunFireEffect=30mmFireEffect GunFireSound=Vulcan EffectClassName=30mmEffects EffectTime=0.100000 TracerTexture= <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< You should remove the tracer as USAF 30mm loads for the A-10 don't use tracer so I'm sure it was the same for the GPU-5 TracerSize=0.000000 TracerDistFactor=0.000000 TracerLength=0.000000 MaxVisibleDist=0.000000 MaxStreakVisibleDist=0.000000 //TracerTexture=Tracer.tga //TracerSize=0.200000 //TracerDistFactor=0.002000 //TracerLength=0.018000 //MaxVisibleDist=4000.000000 //MaxStreakVisibleDist=1000.000000 TimeFuzed=FALSE
  11. Like so... P.s. the painted over squadron tail fin markings are from VF-24 as in the story on the first post.
  12. No but it sounds like you haven't put the cockpit folder with the modified .tga files in the right place
  13. View File Mirage III & Nesher Gun Sight Fix. Mirage III and Nesher Gun Sight Fix. This mod corrects the Stock Third Wire Gun Sights for the Mirage IIICJ Shahak, Mirage IIICJ Shahak (71), Nesher and as a bonus the DLC 17 RAAF Mirage fighters. I recently read the Osprey book Israeli 'Mirage and Nesher Aces' and 'Mirage III vs Mig-21 Six Day War 1967.' Both books are full of gun camera images of Israeli Mirage IIICJ and Nesher fighters killing MIGs. From these I realised Third Wire has made an error on all the Mirage gun sights by aligning the (horizontally elongated) aircraft reference cross with the gun bore-sight and thus the gun piper. In the Nesher and Mirage IIIO that leaves the actual gun bore-sight cross sitting above the gun piper doing nothing. This mod corrects the position and alignment of the aircraft reference cross, gun piper and gun bore-sight cross (Nesher and Mirage IIIO). This correction should be applied to any other version of Mirage III, Mirage 5, Nesher or Dagger you have that uses a Third Wire Mirage cockpit and/ or Mirage gun sight. CombatAce fair use agreement applies. Cheers, Dan. Submitter dtmdragon Submitted 05/03/2019 Category Avionics  

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