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  1. These are the USAF F-4E by Ravenclaw_007 and his team The RNZAF skins/ variants are a mod of mine I have never released
  2. Just noticed alternative cockpit lod is missing from the new upload
  3. During Bay of Pigs VA-34 A-4B Skyhaks from the USS Essex flew a CAP/ escort mission with the intention of protecting the Rebal A-26 Invaders but due to a timing cock up were an hour late and missed engaging the Cuban T-33A fighters. They also flew multiple reconnaissance flights over the invasion beach throughout the incident. Due to President Kennedy insisting that there be no proof of US involvement the Skyhawks had their USN markings painted over. This was one of the first VSF Skyhawk detachments and the A-4B could not carry the AIM-9 at this point so Skyhawks operating over Cuba just had two wing drop tanks plus thier 20mm cannons.
  4. Yes its in the campaign, its already there as apart of OTS mod
  5. WIP Bay of Pigs (small) campaign addon for Operation Tainted Cigar for SF2....
  6. 13th TFS Black Panthers (loving what a 'fresh' set of camouflaged skins and detail decals can do for these old F-4C & D birds)
  7. USS Pueblo incident, Korea, January 1968 12th TFS Foxy Few: 4537 FWS (Fighter Weapons Squadron): 356th TFS Green Demons: 334th TFS Eagles: 335th TFS Chiefs: 336th TFS Rocketeers: 318th FIS Green Dragons: VF-191 Satan's Kittens, USS Ticonderoga:
  8. ShaKhrai's Su-27 Ukrainian pixel skin 1.0 cleaned up a little and put through a details template with panel lines and Ukrainian warning markings etc
  9. F-4E Kurnass IAF Yom Kippur & beyond pack

    Animation / Function - Canopy - Hook - Air Refuel - Wing fold ______________ only on hard wing F-4E´s - Gun Vent ______________ automatic when gun is fired or as soon as the landing gear is deployed - Brake Chute____________ works with the Air Brake below 150kts (Excludes F-4E_Kurnass_78 & F-4E_Kurnass_2000)

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