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Ground Targets Indicator...

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Hi Everyone!


Hi, i need help with this, please have a look.


When i select an air missile, or the cannons in "air" mode, there is a box that indicates where the selected radar target is... you can see in this pic


post-60505-039964300 1290959621.jpg



(In the pic: a F-16 pointing a SAM Launcher with cannons in "air mode")


... but the problem i have is: when i choose any ground attack weapon, or the cannon in "ground" mode, the box dissapear...


my question is: Is it possible to edit something in order to see the box also with ground weapons?


I know you can select an indicator for the weapons with TV or IR Guide in the weapons editor, but i want the box not only for missiles... or TV guided bombs... i mean... if you have your radar focused on one ground target... to keep seeing the box if you have selected cannons "ground mode" or non-guided bombs, etc...


Thanks very much for your time!!! Good hunting!!! xD

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Ground targets don't display on HUDs (at least, not in these games), due to there being no actual way to 'lock' a ground target with radar.


(that's what the red box is for on easy and normal modes)



kevin stein

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